Past Clients & Testimonials

GIZ-Risk Management Head Office

Testimonial:“The training was good and I’ve learnt a lot. The training gave me some new ideas, help me to solve the challenges I face at work and also I will implement positive changes into our project (procurement section). Thanks to the trainer, Mr. Raj, he has done a really good job. All the session and explanation was clear and related.”

International Committee of the Red Cross ( ICRC)

Testimonial:“The training was very nice, especially the section of Risk Management. Also, the other aspect like field visit to Bumrungrad Hospital was very useful. In general, the trainer of the course was very active, kind proficient and skillful. Her method of teaching is excellent.”

Ministry of Public Health

Testimonial: “It was a good training with new ideas and new thing. And I hope I will do something new for my organization with the new things I have got from the training at BSM. The leadership was much good in practical as we went to Anantara Hotel. We got to know how to organize the organization staff and how we can do effective service for the customers as we got to know the communication skills in management training. I hope we can get once again training by BSM with something new. Thanks.”  

Testimonial: “I have learnt and achieved a lot from attending this training. I enjoyed the practical training sessions very much delivered by expert trainers as well as the hospitality provided by BSM team throughout my stay in Bangkok.” 

National Procurement Authority

Testimonial: “Overall I think it was very good and productive program filled with practical examples and knowledge.”  

Save the Children

Testimonial:“The overall training was very knowledgeable for us. The trainer was very intelligent and cooperative. The practical part of the training really helped us gain our training objective. We are looking forward to having relevant training in the future with BSM.  

UNESCO Office (Kabul)


“I have the following observation of the programme;

  • The course outline was chosen very carefully
  • The instructor was very professional and experienced in this area
  • The instructor had vast practical experience in HR with different multinational organizations throughout the world
  • The course was designed to focus on both theoretical and as well as practical aspects of HR in today’s world
  • The overall BSM staff behavior and attitude was outstanding.
  • At the end I thank the overall BSM management for providing a very professional session where I have learned a lot, and as well as the wonderful hospitality and behavior of the BSM staff throughout the course period. Thank you”

Other Clients

  • Comprehensive Agriculture & Rural Development Facility (CRIDF)
  • Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
  • Kandahar University
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock
  • Ministry of Counter Narcotics
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs & Disabled
  • Norwegian Church Aid Afghanistan
  • Rokyan Management Consultancy
  • United Nations Development Program

Jalalabad Gas Transmission & Distribution System Limited


Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority

Testimonial:“On behalf of the people Republic of Bangladesh I would like to thank the management of BSM for giving such a wonderful knowledge in Hopper Dredger, Cutter Suction Dredger, Excavator for Using Irrigation System, Hydro Cat Dredger system in Thailand, in such a short period of time. We enjoyed the entertaining place of Thailand. We also enjoyed the training sessions very much. We wish BSM a successful future.”

Bakhrabad Gas Distribution Company Limited

Testimonial: “BSM really organized a nice training programme regarding Annual Performance Agreement, Appraisal Agreement, Appraisal Rating, 9-Box grid review system etc. Trainers provided in depth thoughts best practices from both public sectors and commercial world. The lessons what we learned through this training will immediately benefit our organization and benefit overviews individually as well. The hospitality and casing offered by BSM is amazing. On behalf of the government of the People Republic of Bangladesh, we pay our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to BSM for organizing such on auspicious training programme. We wish BSM a successful future.”

BRAC University

Testimonial: Exposed to conceptual clarity between leader and manager, domain of organizational leaders, various useful tools for practicing leadership and managing people. Diverse training methods suitable to adult learning used.

Investment Corporation of Bangladesh

Testimonial:On behalf Investment Corporation of Bangladesh I would like to thank Bangkok School of Management to arrange 5 days training programme on Effective Leadership & People Management. Especially I would like to thank to our trainer Mr. Joel Farnworth for his nice delivery and much experienced teaching. I also like to thank to the team for their excellent co-ordination and cooperation. Hospitality in Bangkok School of Management was really good and appreciable. Thanks to all staff of Bangkok School of Management.”

Testimonial:On behalf of Investment Corporation Bangladesh I would like to thank BSM management for arranging such an excellent training on Corporate Governance, which is very important throughout the world for every corporate body. I would also like to thank my honorable trainer Dr. Veerachai for his sharing of knowledge to us. Dr. Veerachai is a nice, communicative, cooperative and excellent trainer. This is a meaningful and comprehensive topic at present aspect for any organisation. We will implement CG in our organisation in Bangladesh what we learned from this training, and also try to convey the important & applicable issues to our top management.”

Ministry of Agriculture Bangladesh

Testimonial: Bangkok School of Management and its trainers are very much dedicated to teach in delivering their knowledge. We have learned a lot from field visit on management practices of guava, rice, mango, pomelo, lime, and lemon cultivation. We have collected some seeds and seedlings of different tropical fruits.

Santos Sangu Field Limited

Testimonial:I would like to thank the management of BSM for giving such a wonderful and comprehensive knowledge in accounting, budgeting, and finance, in such a short period of time. We really learned and achieved a lot and at the same time, enjoyed the training sessions very much. We want to also thank BSM for the hospitality and caring treatment throughout our stay in Bangkok. We wish BSM a successful future.


Social Marketing Company

Testimonial:Trainer was very motivating, friendly and supportive. Environment was really friendly. Staff was so helpful. Subject matter was perfect. I really enjoyed the whole session.

Sudarban Gas Company Limited

Testimonial:On the behalf of Sundarban Gas Company limited (Government Company) I would like to thank the BSM for arranging the fruitful training, especially thanks to trainer Dr. Vichuda. I learnt in this training 1. Administration Management (Like as Time Management, Space Management, Task Management, Listing Skills, Oral skills, Writing Skills) and 2. Security Awareness (like as IT Awareness -computer password, file, contracts storage, etc.). Again, thank to BSM for arranging such training and I wish BSM BRIGHT future.

Other Clients

  • Energy and Mineral Resource Division
  • IPDC Finance Limited
  • Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
  • Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • Petrobangla

Bank of Bhutan Limited

Testimonial:“Firstly I would like to thank Bank of Bhutan for providing me this opportunity and also like to thank BSM for providing such a wonderful platform to us in enhancing our skills and would look forward for the same in the near future. The visit to various bank in Bangkok was truly an awesome experience since we get to see the level of competition in the market and I could take away the ideas of implementing back home. Overall the hospitality in Bangkok is awesome.”

Bhutan Development Bank Ltd.

Testimonial: “I would like to thank BSM for giving us such a wonderful training on Banking Operation both in theory and practical, with a field visit to TMB Bank in Bangkok. Also I appreciated your coordination and hospitality that you have provided us with within this short period of time. Thank You BSM.”

Testimonial: “This training has been very informative. All the content of the training was related or relevant to our jobs. Besides, we got additional information too. We got some advance strategies to tackle various issues. In terms of the trainer, Mr. Robert Brand, he was very interactive and the training went two ways conversations. He has given lots of exercises which makes us understand more. He was very persuasive and had been helping and gave nice solutions to the issues that we asked.”

Bhutan Electricity Authority

Testimonial:“The training is very useful and has help me in understanding the economics and finances especially in analyzing the financial status of the company and economic cost and benefits due the project.”

Bhutan Insurance Limited

Testimonial: “We have learned a lot, we will try to share the skills that have learned from the course with our subordinate.”

Bhutan National Bank Limited

Testimonial:“The lecturer, Dr. Johan was very informative regarding the Basel. Most of our doubts were cleared but maybe, if there was more time, then we would have learned a little extra. The expectation that we had was met because it met the purpose of our training. This course gave us more confidence in ourselves to be able to provide our company with the knowledge we received from BSM. Dr. Johan’s class had a very friendly environment to learn. I think he is the best BSM could have, since he has a broad mind that helps us ask questions and doubts without any hesitation. This class was a success to me because everything was done as per the schedule. The administrative office was also very helpful. I would like to have my full thanks to BSM for their effort in giving us a good time and especially in giving a successful training. Looking forward to more training in the future”

Bhutan Postal Corporation Limited

Testimonial: “Topics that we learnt are relevant to our real life workplace. We are hopeful that we will be able to implement some of the things that we learnt from the program such as HR practices, Finance, Strategy, Leadership skills to name a few.”

Bhutan Telecom Limited


– Excellent Instructor

– Excellent BSM administration staff

– Very clean arranged class room

– Lunch was very good

– All staff very was encouraging

– Overall – Excellent

Drukair Corporation Limited

Testimonial:We have learned how other Airline are maintaining their books of Accounts, Cash flows, cash management, cost cutting and how to earned cash for the company.”

Jigme Singye Wangchuck School of Law

Testimonial:“The training was what I wanted till now and met my expected outcomes. The sessions covered all the core skills and methodologies to go about. The trainers were very inspiring and put up a Herculean effort which motivated us to learn even more. I learnt about keeping specifics into details, have unique style, problem solving approaches and techniques. “

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Testimonial:“From this short training course, I have personally gained enough insights on the policies, rules and regulation of Royal Thai Government for the development trade and commerce including industrialization at various levels. The policies and programmes are well structured to suit the stake-holders at various levels of the country. The level of developments both in trade and industrial sectors through field the visits showed that Thailand in a decade or two will be one of the economic powers in the ASEAN. With regard to the course structure, I am well convinced that I have gained enough insights on the thematic issues as well exposures in terms of implementation and status of trade & industrial development taking place in Thailand. Course is well structured and resource personnel are relatively skillful and sound. The logistics arrangement and hospitality is good and can’t expect better.”

Other Clients

  • Bhutan Power Corporation Limited
  • Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation
  • Department of Disaster Management
  • Druk Green Power Corporation Ltd.
  • Dungsam Cement Corporation Limited
  • Financial Institutions Training Institute Ltd.
  • Financial Institutions Training Institute Ltd.
  • Gelephu Thromde (Municipal Office)
  • Government Performance Management Division
  • Gross National Happiness Commission
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Home & Cultural Affairs
  • Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs
  • Ministry of Information and Communications
  • Ministry of Labour and Human Resources
  • National Environment Commission
  • National Land Commission
  • National Pension & Providant Fund
  • Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited
  • Penden Cement Authority Ltd.
  • Phuentsholing Thromde
  • Road Safety and Transport Authority
  • Royal Audit Authority
  • Royal Bhutan Airline
  • Royal Bhutan Police
  • Royal Body Guards
  • Royal Education Council
  • Royal Institute of Management
  • Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan Limited
  • Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan
  • Samtse College of Education
  • Save the Children
  • State Mining Corporation Limited
  • State Trading Corporation of Bhutan
  • TashiCell
  • The Anti-Corruption Commission of Bhutan
  • Thimphu TechPark Pvt. Ltd.
  • United Nations Development Programme
  • Wood Craft Centre Limited
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Bhutan

Comin Asia

Testimonial:“Excellent course – content was very relevant. Small class size allowed the content to be shared in a very interactive way, examples of real world situations were discussed and the theory presented was always backed up with a real example. Very informative and beneficial course for me to take back to my day to day work.”

Other Clients

  • HIV/AIDS Flagship Project
  • KEN Education

Agricultural Transformation Agency

Other Clients

  • UNDP Ethiopia

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)

The Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund

Testimonial:“The training is relevant to our works and we will apply what we have learnt from the training to our day to day work”



Testimonial:“The training has given us new ideas how to cooperate with co-workers and how to manage time and be more productive at works”


Testimonial:“I was on one on one training delivered by Dr.Delaval. During these days training, we covered all subjects enabling me to become an effective trainer. The trainer has a wide experience of training techniques supported by the material provided by BSM as well as his own didactic material which helped overcome some difficulties apprehended by me before the training. I am self-confident now after this training for trainers. My appreciation goes to Mr. Delaval who, first understood my Gaps and overcame them by providing me with a number of techniques and useful skills for the TOT programme. I am encouraging all managers to take this course as it has a positive impact on their own professional career and their respective companies, be it corporate or institutions.”

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Testimonial:I’m so happy that I joined the programme at Bangkok School of Management. It’s a good subject, good classmates, and good lecture.


International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Testimonial:“I really appreciate the individual approach and practical applicability of the training. The training was not the standard one and almost tailor made for me and my work. That was great time”

Nam Theun 2 Power Company Limited (NTPC)

Testimonial:“The course is very helpful and help me to develop of my weak point. It bring me more confidence when speak, do a presentation to the group of people etc. The course is giving me many methods and techniques to deal with different situations, it shows me to know how I am and which point I need to improve.”


Testimonial:“Course and trainer are flexible. We can ask for experience, advises on industry practices on negotiation, conducting bid process, bid evaluation and many more topics regarding procurement management.

Other Clients

  • Department of Planning and Cooperation, Ministry of Industry and Commerce
  • International Committee of the Red Cross

Housing Development Corporation

FENAKA Corporation Limited

Testimonial:“The program enabled us to think and apply the tactics that could help us to improve our Corporate Governance achievements in an effective manner. We also get great opportunity to enhance our personal capacity to improve and to contribute ourselves in corporate level as policy makers.”

Maldives Airports Company Limited

Testimonial: “I would like to thank the management of BSM for giving a wonderful and comprehensive knowledge in Managerial Accounting, Marketing Management, Managing Business Strategy and Human Capital Management. We learned and achieved a lot of knowledge and at the same time enjoyed the training sessions very much. All our trainers were outstanding and they really knew how to provide us the knowledge with their vast knowledge and experiences. We want to also thank BSM for its very good hospitality and caring treatment throughout our stay in Bangkok. We wish BSM a successful future. And hope to be back soon.

Maldives Gas Pvt. Ltd.

Testimonial: Training gave me a lot of information and ideas to improve Human Resource system in my company.”


Testimonial: I really like the way Mr. Peter and Mr. Robert delivered the training, they made the contents easy to be understood. I have learnt new techniques in Procurement area that I’m sure I’ll be a better negotiator. Overall, all the sessions were relevant and useful for me and I will apply it in to my work.

Maldives Ports Limited

Testimonial:“I found generally this training was good and the trainer was marvelous. It helps my future improvement. School environment was good and the staff are friendly.”

Maldives Structural Product

Testimonial: The training was conducted very well and I have gathered a lot of knowledge from it, and it will help my company making progress further in many ways. We lack a lot of important procedures at the moment and this program has guided me to make impactful decision making. “

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company

Testimonial: “Found out how work organization is done in Bangkok which was a good experience to see how things were done in other places. We were also able to see how culture affects work and we will be able to take a number of pointers back to our country and try to implement these traits at our work place to improve it. The trainers were good at explaining and guiding the process. In the end, a good and learning experience. “

Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture Maldives

Testimonial: To begin with the training program itself, I found it extremely well crafted. Basically all major HRM areas were covered to its full extent. The trainer was also able to focus on aspects that I asked specifically which was great. He also delivered the content in such a way that was so easy to understand. His years of experience and knowledge about HRM, is a nice addition. He delivered the lessons with just the right amount of which kept the lessons interesting and fun. I am sure I am taking back a lot of knowledge with me that would help me do my job significantly better.


Testimonial: “I found the school is inspiring. The management is very helpful and the trainers are really knowledgeable trainers. I’ve learnt a lot such as how to manage work effectively and being proactive at work.“

State Electric Company Limited

Testimonial: On behalf of State Electric Company Ltd (STELCO) of Maldives, I would like to thank the management of BSM for the opportunity to train our Board of Directors and Senior Management at your prestigious institution. The “Effective Corporate Governance” training program was tailor made to our requirement and the trainers were very qualified. Also would like to thank the management of BSM for arranging the river cruise for all the participants. Thank you.”

The Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation

Testimonial:Over all the training was amazing. BSM staff were very friendly and generous, we were well taken care of, and management was excellent and would like to thank them all. Mr. Didier was beyond helpful, he touched every area of the training thoroughly plus answered all our questions and doubts. We look forward to train with him and by far this was the most fruitful training we did. Thank you very much.”

Other Clients

Livelihood and Foods Security Trust Fund, LIFT | UNOPS Myanmar

Testimonial:It was very useful to apply my practical carrier life. The learning subjects of Qualitative and Quantitative measures were very good and contributed to my academic levels. Statistical significant tests for SPSS were also relevant and fit into my future data analysis part.

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

Testimonial:It was a quite interesting training to me. I have learnt a lot from my trainer Dr. Anusorn. Besides, we had an opportunity to share our experiences. His follow up advising would be very useful to solve my statistic analysis on my recent job. Overall, this training is good, not only my trainer but also staff from BSM.

Institute of Open Learning

Nepal Health Sector Support Programme

Testimonial:“Training course contents were exactly what I was looking for and fortunately I did find the course instructor very professional and talented with lots of experiences. Last 5 days really have become very productive learning for my career as person and very important resource for my organization to bring about change in my working area. Presentation and delivery of lessons were very good, focused and interactive. The timing for sessions were very much comfortable due to appropriate breaks in between. Staff members in the BSM are very kind and cooperative.”

World Vision International Nepal

Testimonial:“The training was very informative and practical. I feel the role plays, presentation really helped boost my confidence.”

Ignite National Technology Fund

HomeNet Pakistan

Testimonial:“Well, the training is well designed by BSM, It was a great learning experience out of the standard work which we are doing so far, the training contents are so beneficial and I will use them in building my organization’s future strategy, I highly recommend individual and organizations to join such training programs for making their employee more efficient and committed towards work. Thank you BSM and whole team for the wonderful training and of course hosting us in Bangkok.

International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC)

Testimonial:I found the training very interesting, interactive and informative. My trainer (Mr. Anand) with his professional knowledge and experiences, he explained almost every topic in details, giving practical examples and discussed case studies. I get to understand how to handle the situations within shipments’ handling. And the study visit for me to Suvarnabhumi airport enables me to understand the cargo handling operation (Import & Export) by Air. So, overall it was a great platform and time for me to learn and share experience and to learn at the honest level of coaching institution. I would definitely recommend BSM to my colleagues in ICRC and friends too.

Oxfam Novib Pakistan

Testimonial:“I really appreciate the learning opportunity that I have received at BSM. Overall my learning objective has been achieved to have basic understanding of Project Cycle Management. At the same time, I would really mention the best coordination by Ms.Aom, highly appreciated. Also Dr.Roy is an important pillar to BSM for providing so much help from start till end. And Mr.Kai for being so cooperative. Thanks to BSM.”

Ministry of Defense

Testimonial:“Well covered training, including all the soft or hard skill, models etc. for procurement. Good sharing of real life experiences too.”

International Committee of the Red Cross

Testimonial:“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the management of BSM for giving such a wonderful and comprehensive knowledge of managing the role of the secretaries. It was very useful. And I thank Mr. Pakpong, Ms. Nitana and Ms. Saravanee for the grate effort and flow of the information they have transmitted to us, they were very professional in sharing information

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation

Testimonial:“Exchange and debate. Practical examples. Experienced trainer.”

Office of Agricultural Affairs, U.S. Embassy

“I found the training to be very well organized and managed. The course progressed in a meaningful. I enjoyed the several examples of personal experiences that help highlight and articulate the points that Dr. Farnworth was making. I have already found myself thinking how I might apply what was taught to improve my leadership and management capabilities. The school was also very well organized with very friendly staff, which helped create a very good learning environment.”
“Excellent training with a lot of ideas and framework helpful for my own development as a supervisor and for the agency strategies to achieve goals and objectives of the organization.”

New Zealand Embassy

Joel is a great instructor with full knowledge and experience in the field. He delivered exactly what I needed to know and based his comments on the real situation around me. I will certainly take other courses with him when I’m able to”
“I would like to thank the staff as well for providing a great service since I first sent her a query on the course”

Cavagna Group Asia

Tong Cheng Electric Cable and Wire Co.,Ltd

Happy to learn and get more detail as my required. From this class, I think I am able to improve our HR system well and have good guidelines to do. Thanks for your kind training and for giving me more information.”

Ducati Motor Thailand Co., Ltd

NS bluescope(Thailand)Ltd,Co

“The training material are excellent and exceed expectation.
The Trainer, Dr. Robert, is very knowledgeable and student centric. BSM staff very nice friendly, helpful and supportive. Overall excellent kha.”

Edward Lifesciences (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Testimonial:“This course helps me to organize and improve my presentation in various aspects such as voice, gesture and hoe to impact the audiences.”

Futuris Automotive (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Testimonial: “Training was a proper course and most effective. It will help me to improve leadership skills. And also the trainer shared her great knowledge and tips to help me to get clear on leaderships meaning.”

Mitsubishi Electric Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Testimonial: I have never learned accounting, but the explanation was very understandable using many example, and I could get the general understanding on accounting. Not only accounting, I also learned the important way of thinking to be a good manager such as think big and have a goal and commit to it.”

Worldwide Dive and Sail International Ltd.

Testimonial:Within a limited time the course covered plenty of ground on the sales process with some very interesting segments that can definitely be put into practice in the real world. Mr. Anand is very likable with great knowledge and obviously good real world experience that he applies to his teaching. As the only person on the course, he also tailored aspects to my particular business as well. Great service from the staff in general, with someone always around and checking that everything is fine. I would certainly recommend BSM to others in the future. Well done guys!”


Testimonial:I’m really positive with the training. Even though duration was short, the trainer Mr. Robert, did a great job and curated a course for me to address issues in my specific case. He also taught me a practical framework so that I can apply to any specific presentation. Overall organization and training was really good. I learned a lot.

Other Clients

  • Australia-Asia Program to Combat Trafficking in Persons
  • Dusit International
  • East-West Seed Co., Ltd.
  • Fuji Machine Asia (Thailand) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gemalto (Thailand) Ltd.
  • Indorama Ventures Public Company Ltd.
  • Kasikorn Bank (Kbank)
  • McKey Food Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • New Zealand Embassy
  • Phuket Home Maintenance And Repairs
  • PTT Global Chemical
  • Ruamrudee International School
  • Thai Union Group PCL.
  • The Crane Rayong Co., Ltd.
  • TOT Public Company Ltd.
  • Trigo Quality Services Thailand
  • United Nations Development Programme

Electricity Distribution Company Limited






Testimonial: “The trainer was amazing! It was highly interactive and I
enjoyed the whole learning experience. And all the other staff are so kind and willing to help which is a wonderful thing.”

Duane Morris Vietnam LLC

Testimonial:“I find this course remarkable. Dr. Isha is a remarkable teacher. I never had such a remarkable teacher before in my life.

Got it

Testimonial:I had an intensive training programme with many case studies and learned the key concepts of leadership is to engage the team members to be able to deliver outstanding results.