Our Future, Starts Here…

Finding a university that offers a wide range of international programmes is fairly easy in Thailand. However, this is not the case when one wishes to find a university that offers a programme that leads to the attainment of an internationally recognized qualification.
This is what Bangkok School of Management specializes in. Through our innovative, employment-centered Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, students are able to obtain globally accredited degrees from BSM’s partner universities.

At Bangkok School of Management, we believe that strong international collaborations are central to a successful international education. Hence Bangkok School of Management currently works with the following international bodies: Northumbria University, University of Business and International Studies, SR International College, Institute of Psychotherapy and Management Science, and others.

Although more and more people have access to university education and hence find it easier to obtain a Bachelor’s and/or a Master’s degree, the unemployment rate, especially among fresh graduates is constantly increasing, worldwide. The reason for this is that most local and multinational companies do not prefer to hire fresh graduates straight out of universities. Although they possess the paper qualification, these fresh graduates do not have the necessary knowledge, skills and English/Chinese language proficiency to be successful at work-place.

Bangkok School of Management addresses this problem by providing an intensive 3-year degree programme that focuses on competency-based instruction and assessment that expand on students’ ability to identify and effectively use work-place knowledge and skills such as problem-solving, team work, time management, project management, technology integration, conflict resolution and business innovation.

Aside from acquiring knowledge about the fundamentals of a globally-competitive business world, students are required to create new knowledge and propose innovative solutions to problems found in the real-world. We are able to accomplish this, as evidenced by BSM’s list of alumni who have become successful entrepreneurs and businessmen/women, and will continue to do so in the days, months and years to come.

Chang Yao-Lang, PhD (UK)
Bangkok School of Management