Essentials of Leadership

This Leadership programme provides a focus for impactive leadership prioritizing what we have learnt as to the very essence of what makes leaders successful.

From changing definitions through the ages (as we learnt more and more best practices), to creation and delivery of strategic intent and further encompassing the people dimension provides a clear line of sight for participants to absorb and take back to the workplace.

Simply the most up to date and rigourous examination of “what works” that current and aspiring leaders can develop to match the requireents of their own (and future) roles.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes / Key Takeaways

On completion of the programme the participants will be able to:

  • Define the latest interpretation of impactive leadership and how this can be used in their own roles.
  • Create strategic intent for any organisation and be able to influence alignment and delivery of that strategy.
  • Recognise the importance of change facilitation and influencing skils and practice and gain confidence in their own ability to do this.
  • Outline the importance of building the right talent for organisation success and learn best practice ways to do this.
  • Commit to creating an engaged workforce (and necessary initiatives to do this) as a further key in progressing strategy and performance delivery.

Programme Outline

Module 1: Progress in Leadership Thought and Action

  • Leadership definitions through history to present day.
  • Specific capabilities required by today’s leaders.
  • Major inputs on impactive leadership.
  • Demands on the leader to deliver strategic intent.

Module 2: Leadership Strategy

  • Strategic review, process and outputs,
  • Turning strategic intent into performance deliverables.
  • Leading performance progress.
  • Strategy full cycle.

Module 3: Change and Innovation

  • The need for change and improvement.
  • Leading change initiatives.
  • Dealing with resistance.
  • Best practice communication and education.

Module 4: Leading Business Impactive Approaches

  • Successful talent management.
  • Effective performance and rewards management.
  • Effective organisational development.
  • Efficient organisational design.

Module 5: The Engaged Leader

  • The case for an engaged workforce.
  • Demands from the led.
  • Implementing engagement.
  • Engagement results and actions.

Each module focuses on clear objectives and skill demonstrations that can be easily linked to real life instances.

Delivery Method

Well-balanced theoretical and practical methodology, which includes interactive discussions, case studies, interactive activities/exercises and assignments to understand the concepts and their applicability.

Course Includes

  •  5-Day Training
  • Course Notes
  • Stationary
  • Nationally Recognized and Internationally Accredited Certification
  •  Tea/Coffee Breaks
  • Working Lunches
  • Training materials (Soft file)
  • An evening of Thai culture emersion – River Cruise.

Evaluation Criteria

Participants must have attended the sessions at least 80% in order to receive a CERTIFICATE from Bangkok School of Management.

Training Date
Month Day(s) Year
November 27- 01 December 2023
December 4-8 2023
December 11-15 2023
Month Day(s) Year
January 8-12 2024
January 22-26 2024
February 5-9 2024
19-23 2024
March 4-8 2024
March 18-22 2024
April 1-5 2024
April 22-26 2024
May 13-17 2024
May 27-31 2024
June 10-14 2024
June 24-28 2024
July 1-5 2024
July 15-19 2024
August 5-9 2024
August 26-30 2024
September 2-6 2024
September 16-20 2024
October 7-11 2024
October 28 - November 1 2024
November 4-8 2024
November 18-22 2024
December 2-6 2024
December 16-20 2024

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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