Why You Should Pursue Your MBA In Thailand

Often touted as paradise on earth, Thailand has long been viewed as the place to go if you want to party like never before, while true, Thailand not only holds the greatest spots to celebrate life but also offers high quality education, an almost well-kept secret! Of course, it also helps that Thailand is known as the ‘land of smiles’ and for the receptive population, so if you’re not already itching to study in Thailand let us elaborate more on some of the other reasons to pursue your graduate degree here!


Due to its strong economy, Thailand is quite possibly one of the lowest costing countries in the Southeast of Asia, both living costs, and education costs are extremely low making it the best destination for students on a budget. As a fact, Thai graduate programmes often cost less than half those offered in countries surrounding it, such as Hongkong or Singapore! The quality of education for the low cost has proven to be a strong driving force for students looking to gain a Master’s degree in Business, Agriculture, Environment or Development. In addition to the factors listed above, the economic atmosphere surrounding Thailand is an interesting one as it is in the process of becoming a more developed nation than it already is, meaning, once a student completes their education this would not be a bad place to open up shop at all!


Most foreigners view Thailand as the place where anything goes, laws are lax and the policemen are friendlier than usual, but what they often miss out, is that Thailand is the world’s most heavily Buddhist country. An estimated 93.6% of all people in Thailand follow the teachings of Buddha- therefore, it is to be expected that culture and tradition are highly valued, not exactly conservative or a hindrance to anyone looking to enjoy their time in this country- the culture instead acts as a pointer of how you should behave in the country to truly experience the beauty of the culture and to feel the essence of the Thai way of life. This culture, ultimately, is a great reason for anyone looking to explore and provides an interesting blend between the modern way of life and the traditional one!


Sea, Sand, Sun – Pattaya is possibly the most popular tourist destination in the world, however, Thailand is not a one-trick pony. This country is home to some of the most spectacular beaches you’re probably never heard of, something you can only experience when you visit here!

Cuisine– Thai food is world famous, and there’s not much we can tell you to improve the already fantastic reputation of this cuisine, on the plus side, it’s extremely cheap often costing less than $2 for a meal.

The Golden Triangle– If you’re a traveler and love exploring, Thailand is the place to be, “The Golden Triangle” connects Thailand to Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar!

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