Why Study Here


We Are Professionals:

Apart from our very credible and varied programme offerings in Bangkok, we are also a reputed training center. To date, BSM Training has been successful in training over 2000 government and private sector officers from countries including; USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan. We are flexible in accommodating client’s needs. Our short courses (training) are put together and offered as per the demand of requesting organizations and/or individuals, it could be done anytime and the dates, duration, and contents (objectives) of the training are customized to meet the needs of the requesting organization and its participants. We provide a wide range of training- click here for the list.

We Give Back:

At BSM, we make it a point to give back to our community as often as we can; some of our CSR efforts have included visiting elderly homes, Elephant sanctuaries and fundraising for earthquake victims in Nepal as well as raising money for the disadvantaged children at Camillian home. It is not always only about the Business – it is about the totality and wholeness of businesses that serve within communities and how people from various walks of life and age groups can cater and help enhance communities around them. This enables students’ to become mindful of their surroundings, learn to be more respectful and have gratitude combining learning and serving the society. At the end, students’ do have a great time taking something amazing back with them – a cherished learning and memory.


Bangkok School of Management’s Strength Lies in Diversity

With over 50 Nationalities representing one Institute, we are one of the most diverse foundations in Bangkok.

We Are Entrepreneurs:

At Bangkok School of Management, we take entrepreneurship very seriously!  35% of our graduates from the Northumbria University Undergraduate Programme and from the IPE Management School, Paris, MBA Programme, start their own business during their time at the institute. We encourage our students to become the next Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Elon Musk. These driven thoughts has made Bangkok School of Management (BSM) the official Ratchaprasong Entrepreneurship Hub, consolidated through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between BSM and the Global Entrepreneurship Thailand (GET).


Industry Relevant

Bangkok School of Management is the most influential International Institute in Thailand. We are an industry-relevant, employment-centric higher education programme provider in Thailand. Industry experts make up the team of lecturers, professors and trainers at BSM. These industry experts utilize competency-based instruction and assessment techniques to build learners’ mastery of various-industry specific knowledge and skills making us one of the most relevant and best business school’s in Thailand.

International Accredited

All programmes are internationally accredited by the Association of International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC), a U.K. government recognized accreditation body. In addition to the international accreditation, BSM is an internationally recognized Business School in Bangkok and is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education, Thailand (Kor Ror 235/2554). Students graduating from BSM are internationally employable and are fully equipped to face the challenges of the 21st-century business environment.

Globally Recognized

All management programmes are offered in collaboration with internationally recognized foreign universities– for example, the Newcastle Business School of Northumbria University has a global reputation for business management education in the U.K. and has been awarded the AACSB International accreditation – making it a part of an elite group of less than 1% of business schools worldwide. The School is also accredited by EPAS for 18 undergraduate programmes. (Note: the Newcastle Business School undergraduate programmes offered through Bangkok School of Management are done through BSM’s appointment as the Official Learning Support Center for Northumbria University in Thailand).

Diverse Learning Environment

Students at Bangkok School of Management are engaged in a highly meaningful learning environment with exceptionally qualified and experienced faculty members. Learning is intellectually stimulating, as students take ownership of their educational experiences and goals. Over 60% of students at BSM are international, representing over 50 nationalities, providing a naturally English speaking learning environment – a rare feature even in the largest local universities in Thailand. BSM is one of the most diverse higher education providers in the country, and is often referred to as “Mini United Nations (UN)”.

Personalized Learning

Our core values emphasize the importance of attention to detail, the way we teach is no different. Here at BSM, we really care- we personalize learning to fit the student, we offer modern teaching methods which prepare the student for not just book knowledge, but also how to accommodate to the pace of the real world. We strive for change tirelessly and so we know that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ and the same can be said about learning for an individual!

Popular Location

BSM is located on the 16th floor of the famous Amarin Plaza, located right in the heart of the city of Bangkok (Ratchaprasong area). The area is surrounded by sophisticated modern infrastructure, tourists’ attractions and shopping malls and leisure/entertainment centres. Bangkok is a student-friendly city and our location ensures that our students can take full advantage of that.