Why, How and What of Educational Reform (inspired by Simon Sinek)

By: Neda Aria- Head of Administration, Curriculum Developer, Lecturer and Writer

The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek explains the leadership in the 21st century very well. This model can simply be used in education as well. As a curriculum developer, I use this model to create a basic structure of the educational system I’m targeting. In general, the education system in modernism era was a top-down approach that it explain” what” the students need to learn and “how” the teachers need to teach it but it hardly has an answer for the “why”, In the postmodern era, we need to have a bottom-up approach. Without the” why” in education, without knowing why we need to send our children to school, why do we need certain subjects and skills to be taught we can’t get through the educational reform we need in the 21st century properly and we can predict a pedagogical crisis.

The postmodern education needs to know “why” we need to encourage our kids to sit in the classroom and why they need to learn. The “why” of postmodern is that education is to inspire and ensure sustainable peace, to avoid judgments, to encourage innovation, to improve the environment and biosphere and to inspire integration and to empower tolerance. The “how” of postmodern education is to encourage our teachers to be leaders, not instructors, to be inspiring not oppressors, to be adaptive and flexible not strict, to be empathetic, not sympathetic and the “what” of postmodern education is collaboration, leadership, communication, critical thinking and creativity skill.

Our students need to know why we need to avoid war and discrimination, how to avoid them and what skills do they need in order to achieve such mentality. Let us be the change!

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