Advanced HR Management – Business Partnership

Course Glimpse

HR has experienced a significant shift in demand from the businesses and organisations it serves — from its administrative and personnel roots to a requirement for strategic advice and working as a true partner in the difficult search for competitive advantage. The knowledge, skills and expertise (capabilities) now needed to lead these more proactive, widespread but connected approaches are in turn, very different from those of the traditional HR manager. The AHRM/BP workshop develops these new capabilities to enhance individual performance and career options.

-Need for Strategic HR

Strategic HR is now a series of advice and services that aid attraction and management of best resources effectively to support and deliver organizational goals. The importance of strategic HR management cannot be understated,  especially in a business environment as dynamic and competitive as it is today. Some of the key benefits of impactive strategic HR management are;

  • Advice on global and local talent trends allowing you to recruit and retain the best talent.
  • Embedding of best practice approaches that provide leading employee experiences.
  • Data-driven practices and processes that are fully aligned with business needs.
  • SHRM also provides formal proposals on how to tackle major business issues such as acquisitions or crises as required.

This course elaborates more on why every company now needs SHRM to be successful and outlines how to devise and implement successful SHRM services.

-HR Metrics and Analytics

A huge part of Human Resource is quite simply assessment, from annual performance reviews to development ROI, to voluntary and involuntary turnover to keeping an eye on new employees during probation, HR is increasingly about analyzing key performance indicators and making sure that the metrics you’re using are relevant and beneficial to the organization. This course teaches you about which metrics to employ and what the best tactics are to analyze these metrics and then take appropriate action as a result!

A shorter 2 or 3 day tailored version of this core programme is available for delivery in any location. Contact for details.

Target/Suitable attendees for these workshops are middle/senior level HR practitioners and/or line managers wishing to increase their understanding and capability in HR best practice. Class sizes are preferred at 6 to 24 attendees but this can be amended to accommodate organisation and individual needs.


  1. Growth and Impact of HR – from administrator to business partner.

A review of HR progress to date and the drivers of that progress.

  1. Growth and Impact of HR (continued)

Identification of the key services provided by the Advanced HR Business Partner and outline capabilities needed by HR individuals to deliver.

  1. Five Key Impactive HR Services

1st Key: Strategic advice and counsel: Identification of strategic human capital issues and responses for progressive success.

  1. Five Key impactive HR Services

Strategic advice and counsel (continued)


  1. Clarifying the HR Business Partner role.

Removing the misunderstandings and clarifying one common impactive role.

  1. Key Capabilities for HR Partner Success

From outline to detail, personal start points and future progress.

  1. Five Key Impactive HR Services

2nd & 3rd Key: Performance and Reward Management. Adding value to business via enhanced HR expertise.

  1. Five Key Impactive HR Services

4th Key: Resourcing & Talent Management. The essence of HR impact on business progress.


  1. Five Key Impactive HR Services

5th Key: Organisational Design and Development. Macro factors for any organisation to respond and manage proactively.

  1. HR Metrics and Analysis

Establishing key metrics to track, analyse, report and guide progress for both HR and the organisation.

  1. HR Career Development

Options and choices as determined by aspirations and opportunities.

  1. Learning Transfer

Key takeaways, short-term improvements and long-term transitions

Summary takeaways – personal and organizational and closure.

For Programme Enrollment & Registration Please Contact:

Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan
Managing Director

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$2,150 per Participant

Upon successful completion of our short-term 2-Day, 3-Day, 5-Day, 10-Day or 15-Day programmes, with at least 80% attendance at the scheduled training sessions, participants would earn the Bangkok School of Management certification which would be accredited by ASIC, a recognised U.K. government accreditation body for International Schools, Colleges and Universities.

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