Undergraduate Admission

Since its formation BSM has been a distinctly forward thinking university, also known as the “Mini United Nations of Colleges”- we have now evolved into one of the most happening institutions in the vibrant city of Bangkok.

If you are seeking to be inspired, challenged and engaged you belong at Bangkok School of Management, we are one of the most diverse universities in Bangkok and welcome students from all walks of life to join us. We are also heavily driven by entrepreneurship as evident by 35% of our students starting their own businesses while studying with us. Our undergraduate programme offered via the Northumbria University, UK is internationally recognized and accredited by the highly prestigious AACSB. You will be taught only by industry-experts and the finest of scholars keeping in-line with our industry-relevance and entrepreneurship driven policy!

We at Bangkok School of Management would like to thank you for considering us. Our admissions team will keep your and your family’s best interest at heart and will ensure that qualified applicants get an opportunity to become a part of the only entrepreneurship hub of Bangkok all while fulfilling and surpassing your academic potential!

Please feel free to contact us so that we can help you gain a better understanding of our school, our programmes and our vibrant BSM community.

  • Fill in the Application Form and Provide
  • Take the BSM Placement* Test or submit IELTS, TOEFL certificate
  • High School Diploma or its Equivalent Qualification (GED, IGCSE, O-Level, A-Level, etc.)
  • Transcript(s)
  • Copy of ID Card or Passport
  • 2,500 THB Application Fee and BSM Placement Test Fee

Advanced Courses:

Students who have successfully taken the IB, AP, A-Levels, or equivalent subjects during high school are eligible for college credit transfer. Please contact the Admissions office for more information.

*A score of less than 65% of the placement test will require additional Academic English Course in the first term. A score of less than 50% will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

After review of your Application and documents provided, BSM may issue you an Acceptance Letter and first term invoice to be paid prior to orientation.

Fill in the BSM Class Registration Form in the Academics Office with the Registrar.

Make your tuition payment by the deadline stated on your first term invoice. Please view the Tuition Fee Policy here. Students are advised to keep the payment slip as a reference.

Transferring from another institution to Bangkok School of Management.

To transfer from another institution to Bangkok School of Management, follow the same application process as new students and provide the following additional documents:

  • Course description or course syllabus for all courses you wish to transfer to BSM
  • Transcript from both your

a.) The previous institution, and
b.) High school institution or equivalent

Transferring credits from a study abroad to Bangkok School of Management.

If you plan to do a study abroad while at BSM, the following procedures need to be completed PRIOR to departure.

Connect with your study abroad institution to discuss how the study abroad application process will work.
Evaluate the courses you have left to complete at BSM. You are responsible to review your study abroad institution’s booklet to find similar courses. Once you have selected the courses you would like to take, obtain either a course description or syllabus from the institution to provide to BSM’s Head of Academics.

The Head of Academics will evaluate your course selection. Approval of courses must be made PRIOR to course commencement.
Once your courses are approved, you are responsible for coordinating other details of your study abroad such as food and accommodation with your institution. Payments are to be made directly to the institution unless they have an exchange agreement with Bangkok School of Management.

After you have completed your study abroad, request your transcript from the Registrar Office to be mailed to Bangkok School of Management.

Bangkok School of Management is the official learning support center for Northumbria University where you can get an internationally recognized UK degree in the heart of Bangkok. This 3-year Bachelor’s degree from the UK is an affordable way to get a top level of Education. Throughout this innovative, highly specialized program, students will study 25 essential, university-level business/management courses, during Year 1 and Year 2, followed by core business and management modules delivered and assessed by the Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University.

We are giving out scholarships worth up to 300,000 THB to all Thai students (Or Foreign Students who have completed their high school diploma in Thailand) who qualify under any of these scholarships. We want to encourage the growth of entrepreneurs and future business owners as well as raise the standards of education amongst young students in Thailand. We are committed to inspiring excellence and inspiring students to go on to achieve greater things. Bangkok School of Management, also understands that affordability is of utmost priority for many students and so our scholarships are also designed to completely cover your demonstrated financial need.

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