Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan

Managing Director

Dr. Edward holds double doctorate degrees in Psychology (PhD) and Education (EdD), as well as Master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction specialization (Michigan, USA). He has written four books and hundreds...

Aksika Chantarawinij

MBA Aviation Management Coventry University, UK  Bachelor of Business Administration Thammasat University, Thailand

Experience Program Director & Lecturer of BBA Program, Shinawatra University

Tristan Duffy


After a very successful career as a Business Owner of T.D. Landscaping, Australia from 2007 to 2015 (9 years), Mr. Tristan movedinto Lecturing

Anand Singh


Mr. Anand has a wide range of training experience in specialization fields such as Procurement and Logistics Management

Dr. Vichuda Sthalanand


Dr. Vichuda brings to training sessions a blend ofindustry experience (first hand practical experiences in the field ofcustomer service excellence,

Dr. Anna Amponsitra

Dr. Anna is an Specialist in Managerial Communications Skills

Dr. Anna is an Specialist in Managerial Communications Skills

Dr. Alexander Paufler


Prof. Dr. Alexander Paufler started his career in 1979 and has experience in public accounting and international taxation and working in general management ...

Dr. Hermann Gruenwald


Dr. Hermann Gruenwald holds an Engineering degree (Dipl. Ing. (FH), from Germany, a Master of Architecture from the University of Houston (UofH), a ...

Ms. Thitival Hutasingh


Ms. Thitival Hutasingh is an owner of an imported business that started in Bangkok since 1989. She also has been teaching in a large international university in ...

Ms. Bhavna Khemlani


Ms. Bhavna Khemlani is the Lecturer of various subjects at Bangkok School of Management in Partnership with Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK ...

Dr. Isha Daramy

Lecturer, Corporate Trainer

Isha Daramy holds a PhD of Educational Management as well as a Master of Science in Professional Writing and Bachelor of Science, (LLB/JD), along ...

Mr. Robert Park

Lecturer, Corporate Trainer

Mr. Robert Park studied a Diploma in Business and Finance before graduating from the University of Plymouth with a Bachelor of Science Degree ...

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