The Entrepreneurial Path

Entrepreneurship Programme is a comprehensive academic program that is comprised of a pragmatic approach to learning which is directly related to the students’ major and/or career goal. It enhances their academic, career, and personal development by gaining real-time practical skills.

Bangkok School of Management believes that students should complement their academic preparation with a range of other experiences which include internship programmes, special workshops, and events. With these, we encourage entrepreneurship, innovative thinking, and implementation of 21st-century skills needed for the future. Thereby, a collaboration with other companies was made to this effect and the constant search for more is being done so our students will have a variety of options.

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Passion Talk is a series of inspiring talks by ideapreneurs organized by Bangkok School of Management. Join our monthly events to get inspired by entrepreneurs who draw on their experience from building and running their own successful companies, creating new business strategies, inventing new goods and most of all, making differences in today’s world. Get inspired to change, to dream, to do @Bangkok School of Management

The primary purpose of this programme is to make students more competitive in the job market.

Internships strengthen resumes by giving students visible work experience. They gain exposure and experience in a particular field, and this also serves as a gauge as to whether or not it is the right career path for them based on the personal experience they have garnered.

List of Internship Opportunities

The Junior Marketing Association of Thailand (J-MAT) Award Marketing Contest is an annual marketing plan competition aiming to promote knowledge on how successful plans or strategies can be made in order to clearly establish a foundation in promoting a brand that is directly in line with the target audience/consumer.

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The Global Student Challenge, powered by The Fresh Connection is an annual search for the World’s Top Talent in Supply Chain Management from teams of many different business schools and universities from across the globe. The challenge is to run a virtual company suffering from severe losses with a team of 4 students. The aim is to make the company profitable again by making strategic and tactical decisions. This competition will be most helpful in gaining valuable knowledge and skills needed to cross over to the corporate world.