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Studying abroad is your chance to gain a global understanding and a different perspective on how life is lived in other cultures and customs. Visiting an entirely different country gives you an opportunity to appreciate things you don’t even notice in your daily life such as your meals and your daily commute. The journey you undertake by living abroad enhances skills such as self-confidence, adaptability and reminds you of your capability to survive and thrive in a completely new environment.

Bangkok is a city which is so dynamic it almost overwhelms your senses when you first arrive, the energy, excitement and the opportunity to truly experience Asia just makes things better. The Grand Palace welcomes visitors from around the world and stands unrivalled in its glory. The floating market is unique and gives you a sense of belonging as it encompasses you in the scents of Thailand. Known as one of the most affordable cities in the world, Bangkok is your gateway to Southeast Asia!

In the past few years, we have been getting a lot of students on “study abroad” arrangements, where students from our partner universities in different parts of the world come to Bangkok School of Management and spend one or two academic terms studying in our regular classes, and earn credits that are transferable at their home universities, through the academic articulation agreement BSM has with its various partner universities, such as:

1.     European Business School (EBS), Paris
2.     Paris Graduate School of Management, France
3.     National University of Kaoshiung, Taiwan
4.     State University of New York (SUNY) Stony Brook Campus, USA
5.     University of Business and International Studies (UBIS), Switzerland
6.    University of San Francisco (USF), USA
7.    Geneva Business School (GBS),  Switzerland

 We also welcome students from other universities should they want to study abroad in Bangkok. This gives foreign students a chance to study at a reputed International School of Management located in the vibrant city of Bangkok providing them with a high-class academic education combined with both, practical and hands-on learning which allows students to think critically. The question of “why study in Thailand” can only be answered when you visit the land of smiles.

Additionally, opportunities to learn and study internationally exist for all of BSM’s students! the opportunity to experience different parts of the world first-hand,  allows the students to experience a different culture, traditions and history while living in the moment, instead of behind the computer screen. Students get to learn and communicate in a different language with different individuals and eat exciting new foods and step-out of your comfort zone, in general, it is bound to boost your self-confidence, self-reliance and allows you to become a better-rounded person over all!

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