Sai Nay Htoo Kyaw (Michael) – Research Consultant at BCI Asia Co., Ltd.

Sai Nay Htoo Kyaw (Michael) – Research Consultant at BCI Asia Co., Ltd.

This week, BSM “Alumni Spotlight” introduces Mr. Sai Nay Htoo Kyaw (Michael) from Myanmar who graduated with BSc (Hons) in Business & Management in 2013 from Northumbria University at Bangkok School of Management.

Michael was employed immediately by DKSH Service Myanmar Co. Ltd. as the Marketing Executive. As a result of his hard work, Michael was promoted and relocated to Singapore as the Client Management Executive. After two years of working at DKSH, Michael decided to seek further challenges and took the position as Research Consultant at BCI Asia Co. Ltd. based in Bangkok.

BCI is the leading provider of business-to-business sales leads for projects within the building and construction industry. The fast expansion of Myanmar’s infrastructure development has led to the increasing demand of research in this market and Michael’s background as well as his education and professional experience made him the right fit for this position.

We are very glad to see Michael’s professional growth. We recently interviewed him to learn more about his study and professional journey in the last few years. We hope that his success story would inspire others.



As a fresh Bachelor graduate, what did you think was the reason you were chosen by DKSH?

I believe it was due to my internationally recognized degree with Northumbria University, as well as my “can do attitude” towards challenges which I expressed during the interviews.

What were some of the big challenges you had to face when searching for a job as a fresh graduate?

At that time, my biggest challenge was to cope with new professional life & real work experience. It was not only the responsibilities that I had to take but also the difficulties to communicate effectively with different people who had different views and attitudes. However, I was learning every day through others’ experience and my own mistakes, and I did manage it with a strategy to overcome the challenges. I also learned to create confidence and fun with my work.

Do you think studying at BSM has helped you achieve different job opportunities?

My study at BSM certainly helped me expand my business knowledge and English skills academically, but most importantly I was learning and growing in the professional field. The teaching at BSM was focused on real world business study which literally improved my other skills such as communication, leadership, management, decision making and strategic planning. These are the facts and actual skills that equipped me and helped me to deliver my current work in a strategic way and to communicate with different people in an effective way.

Do you have any suggestions for the students/parents who are choosing universities now?

I’d like to recommend BSM for those who are looking for a good university in Bangkok, as BSM offers not only an internationally recognized degree but also the real world business experience along with the lectures and project assignments. Compared to other universities in Thailand, BSM provides education with a reasonable school fee and an effective academic structure for students to complete within 3 years while it takes 4 to 5 years to complete a Bachelor degree in other universities. The supportive and internationally friendly environment at BSM is also the key factor which is important especially to an international student like me. Enjoy your university life!

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