TRAIN THE TRAINER (TOT) Professional Certification

BSM confers Nationally Recognized and Internationally Accredited Certification. BSM Training programmes are duly accredited at Premier Status by ASIC (UK) – a U.K. Government-Recognized Accreditation Body.

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1. Our overall approach to delivering training or professional development programmes is COMPETENCY- BASED, where the focus is on identifying key skills / knowledge gap and assisting participants to build their mastery of the much required, specific job related skills or knowledge.
2. Our training Methodology is characterized by HANDS-ON WORKSHOP format, involving EVERY PARTICIPANT through MEANINGFUL LEARNING experiences, be it during in-class sessions, or out in the field/industry. Participants gain master through the problem-based method we utilize at BSM.
3. Our trainers are INDUSTRY SPECIALISTS, and not typical college/university professors. Their expertise comes from the industry, and they deliver sessions from their professional experience base. Apart from being subject- specific specialists, they are TRAINED TO TRAIN other professionals.
4. Upon successful completion of all the requirements of our training programmes, our participants receive NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED (by Ministry of Education, Thailand) and INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED (by the Accreditation Services for International Schools, Colleges and Universities, ASIC, a U.K. Government recognized international accreditation body) CERTIFICATION.
5. All our programmes and services are INTERNATIONALLY BENCHMARKED through the audit and quality assurance processes, carried out by both the Ministry of Education, Thailand, as well as ASIC, U.K., on a regular basis.

5 Days
10 Participants per Group
2,150 USD per person

M.A. Curr. & Instruc. (Michigan), M.S. Counseling & Psychotherapy, MPhil in Education, M.B.A. General Management, Ed.D., Ph.D. Psych. (Paris)



Certified Trainer (TAE10 Qualification), WEA, Sydney, Australia

Having been involved in training for more than 15 years as a Certified Trainer (WEA, Australia), Dr. Krishnan incorporates and applies his unique passion in psychology to a wide range of managerial practices.
He has lectured and trained hundreds of professionals around the world, in the field of industrial psychology, organizational behavior and culture, group dynamics and team building, effective communication and conflict resolution, effective decision-making and problem solving, as well as leadership development. Dr. Krishnan’s experience includes managing and positively influencing professionals at large progressive education entities such as Wells International School, Wells International Kindergarten, Bangkok School of Management, Myanmar Metropolitan College, University of Business & International Studies, Asia Pacific International University, Assumption University, and the University of Winnipeg, where he handled more than 500 international colleagues and/or employees with wide range of background, abilities and preferences – using his balanced approach integrating psychology into important management ethos, he is able to create and share innovative and highly effective solutions to counter sophisticated interpersonal issues and successfully resolve human interaction problems in all its complexities and dynamics. Currently, he serves as the Managing Director of one of the most employment-relevant international training institutions in Thailand, the first and only U.K. accredited for all of its programmes and certification. He also serves at the board of Executive Professional Training Centre, Malaysia, as its Vice-Chairman, as well as consulting Director of Academics and Business Development. He has published 4 books and hundreds of articles in the Bangkok Post – one of the only two English language news daily in Thailand, for four consecutive years in a row. He was recently acknowledged and recognized for his outstanding management, leadership and entrepreneurship skills – having received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities, ASIC, UK. To date, he has trained more than 5,000 professionals worldwide, in the area of people development, and creation of winning teams.

This 5-day intensive course will provide trainers with the basic skills and knowledge needed to design, deliver and evaluate their own training sessions. Emphasis will be on developing interactive training techniques to engage and stimulate the learners. The main objective of this course is to prepare a professional trainer who has effective presentation and facilitation skills. Moreover, the course would also touch base with skills in developing a training course. Participants will learn the key concepts related to adult learning (learning process), writing learning outcomes, training course design and structuring training assessment which lead to authentic evaluation of mastery of new skills / competencies.


Anyone required conducting off or on the job training, whether on a full-time or part-time basis, in industry, commerce or the public sector.


By the end of the course participants will be able to:
1. Identify factors affecting the learning process including the implications of their own learning style
2. Write learning aims and objectives in accordance with best practice
3. Instruct on a one to one or small group basis using appropriate demonstration and constructive feedback skills
4. Facilitate a group training session which uses activities such as role play, simulation or group discussion
5. Assess and evaluate transfer of learning

How people learn

• How do adults learn?
• Principles of Adult Learning
• Motivating the adult learner

Training Program Design and Planning

• Designing training programmes
• Writing learning objectives based on Bloom’s taxonomy
• Planning for training
• Preparing training delivery plans

Delivering training – methods and brain-based (learning-centered) approaches

• Delivery skills
• Use of visual aids
• Running group activities
• Training delivery BEST practices

How do you know they learned and acquired intended skills?

• Assessing learning – measuring application or transfer of learning
• Competency-based Authentic Assessment Strategies
• Assessment of learning objectives – ensuring alignment throughout the process of training • Evaluation of training

Participants must have attended the sessions at least 80% in order to receive a CERTIFICATE from Bangkok School of Management.


Well-balanced theoretical and non-theoretical methodology, which includes interactive discussions, case studies, interactive activities/exercises and assignments to understand the concepts and their applicability.


Discussions are based on extensive practical experience, not just theory. Engaging interactions characterize the training session from start till the end, keeping everyone hooked to the learning process, and applying what is learned to real-life work situations and circumstances. Collaborative work is assigned for enhance learning and mastery of knowledge and/or skills.

Note: BSM confers Nationally Recognized and Internationally Accredited Certification. BSM Training programmes are duly accredited at Premier Status by ASIC (UK) – a U.K. Government-Recognized Accreditation Body

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