Technology: The Game Changer!

Find out all you need to know about our Technology: The Game Changer! Short Training here at BSM Thailand, Validated By College of Birmingham & COB School of Business.

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TUITION FEE:  $1,999 per Participant


Bangkok School of Management, Amarin Tower, 16th Floor, Khwaeng Lumphini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330   View map


Short Courses

Communication is of vital importance to efficient and happy workplaces in every and any industry. Without good communication skills, stakeholders could be left unsatisfied and work colleagues would frequently be at war with each other. Therefore, one of the very first things to do is to ensure there are good communication skills. Communication in the workplace can be formal or informal. Formal communication tends to be structured and delivered through channels like letters, memos, meetings and company policies or procedures. Informal communication does not need to be so structured.

2 Days
10 Participants per Group
$999 per Participant

This program is a complete simulative workshop. Participants are taken through a journey where we simulate every step they would take as an entrepreneur. Participants are engaged into the process of making decisions throughout the workshop as an entrepreneur opening a start-up would do and are evaluated and mentored on what could have they done different which will make them more effective entrepreneur.

Participants get to creatively analyze the business environment, recognize the opportunity and generate a business idea. They will have experience of creating a business plan and starting a venture. They will obtain knowledge on the effective utilization of allotted budget and how to acquire the necessary resources. They get to understand how to handle the organizational matters of a new venture. They will obtain hands on experience on how to apply a strategy for growth and to manage its implications. Overall they learn to understand the challenges they might face once they venture into creating a start-up. And most importantly they get the knowledge on how an investor will evaluate them.

With our case study method, they will be able to simulate and relate the learnings on a real world basis into their start-up. The program is designed such that the participants will have to actively engage with each other in the form of teams. This will give them a holistic view of the complexity’s involved in the decision making process within a start-up and help them learn how implement their learnings in real life scenarios.


All individuals who want to enhance their knowledge about entrepreneurship should attend this workshop.

  • Entrepreneurs and Business owners looking for growth
  • Business school students’ / Management students
  • Individuals who are planning to start-up

Module – 1:

  • Workshop Introduction and Guidelines
  • Technology apps across industries
  • Synergies & GTM model
  • Internet minute happenings
  • Living in digital world
  • What is Entrepreneurship
  • Types of Entrepreneurship
  • Examples
  • Idea generation
  • Stories of some startups
  • Case Study and Role Introduction
  • Simulation Scenario: 1
  • Relevance of entrepreneurship in today’s world
  • Simulation Scenario: 2
  • Business Plan
  • Presenting a successful business plan

Module – 2:

  • Disruptive plays in market
  • Where do you fit – Retail Scenario
  • Market & Consumer behaviors
  • Simulation Scenario: 3
  • Bringing the business plan to effect
  • Evaluating the performance of your business
  • Next generation incubators
  • Simulation Scenario: 4
  • Looking through the investors eye
  • Typical pitfalls for an entrepreneur
  • Global perspective
  • Simulation Scenario: 5
  • Risk Analysis
  • Government initiatives around the world
  • Examples

Please Contact for Programme Enrollment & Registration:

Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan
Managing Director


T+ 66 (2) 256 9586
F+ 66 (2) 256 9144

You can also reach us real-time using our Live Support Or Contact Us on the website. Our representatives are available from 9AM to 6PM, Thailand time.

$1, 999 per Participant

Upon successful completion of our short-term 2-Day, 3-Day, 5-Day, 10-Day or 15-Day programmes, with at least 80% attendance at the scheduled training sessions, participants would earn the Bangkok School of Management certification. In addition, participant who successfully obtains BSM certification would also qualify for a UK accredited certification, conditional upon 1) submission of a 1,500 word essay concretely describing how he/she would utilize what he/she had learned from the training in his/her own job role, at his/her respective organization/company, and ii) pay the assessment and certification fee of 250 USD. The award would be conferred by the College of Birmingham (COB) / School of Business (SOB). The certification will be verifiable online through the official COB, UK website. Please contact your training coordinator for more information.

UK accreditation and certification could be earned for this training, subject to submitting a 1,500-word essay concretely describing how you would utilize what you learned from the training in your current job role, in addition to paying an assessment and certification fee of 250 USD. The award would be conferred by the College of Birmingham (COB) / School of Business (SOB). The certification will be verifiable online through the official COB website. Please contact your training coordinator for more information.

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