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Find out all you need to know about our Power of Selling for Managers Short Training here at BSM Thailand, Validated By College of Birmingham & COB School of Business.

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Short Courses

Every profession in the world ultimately boils down to one thing; sales. It’s about how you sell your-self to get into the profession, it could be how you sell your products/services for customers to buy it, and it is about selling your company well enough for your customers to be loyal to it. This 2-day intensive training course presents trainees with a comprehensive set of modules put together to build a unique sales person. The course is taught through a problem-based learning mechanism.

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Developing different selling styles

There is more to selling that meets the eye. As easy as it looks and however you feel, it’s important to know the type of sales person you are. This course covers the different types of selling styles based on the customer you’re dealing with and how to develop the selling style to best suit your selling needs!

5 Days
10 Participants per Group
$1,999 per Participant
  • Graduate Students
  • Mid-Level Managers / Senior Managers
  • CXOs
  • Executives

Goal Setting

  • Current sales performance
  • Desired sales performance
  • Impact of increased sales success
  • Development of sales goals and motivation
  • Understanding the link between sales success, sales process and measurement

The Sales Process

  • Meet and Greet – Building rapport
  • Qualification and Needs Analysis – Understanding your customer
  • Presentation – Presenting your product to create and agreement
  • Trial Close – Does your customer understand?
  • Negotiation – Getting to the right price
  • Close – Creating an environment in which the customer can say ‘yes’
  • Overcoming Objections – The ‘LAP’ technique

Learning Goals

  • Setting sales goals
  • Understanding the process
  • Measurements and controls
  • Key sales techniques
  • Rejecting the fear of selling

Understanding the customer

  • Recognizing the importance of good customer care
  • Looking at selling vs. selling attitude
  • Identifying the reasons people buy
  • Adopting a positive approach


  • Identifying your selling style
  • Adapting your selling style to your customer  
  • Understanding your customers buying style Effective communication and building a rapport
  • Understanding why communication needs to be effective
  • Actively listening to your customers’ needs
  • Deciding on the right question at the right time
  • Learning the impact of positive and emotive language Taking a consultative approach
  • Developing different styles of selling
  • Taking a consultative approach to selling
  • Learning preparation techniques
  • Recognizing buyer behavior and motivation
  • Creating a sales approach to match your buyer Presenting the solution
  • Selling the benefits
  • Creating a sales tool kit
  • Identifying unique sales points
  • Advance questioning techniques
  • Concept selling

Gaining commitment

  • Recognizing and acting upon buying signals
  • Dealing with customers concerns
  • Realizing when no means NO!
  • Learning how to cope in stressful situations Confirming the sale
  • Understanding the difference between confirming and closing a sale
  • Learning effective techniques to confirm a sale
  • Realizing when to go the extra mile

For Programme Enrollment & Registration Please Contact:

Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan
Managing Director
edward@bsm.ac.th, inquiry@bsm.ac.th


* You can also reach us real-time using our Live Support Or Contact Us on the website. Our representatives are available from 9AM to 6PM, Thailand time.

$1,999 per Participant

Upon successful completion of our short-term 2-Day, 3-Day, 5-Day, 10-Day or 15-Day programmes, with at least 80% attendance at the scheduled training sessions, participants would earn the Bangkok School of Management certification. In addition, participant who successfully obtains BSM certification would also qualify for a UK accredited certification, conditional upon

  1. submission of a 1,500 word essay concretely describing how he/she would utilize what he/she had learned from the training in his/her own job role, at his/her respective organization/company
  2. pay the assessment and certification fee of $250 USD. The award would be conferred by the College of Birmingham (COB) / School of Business (SOB). The certification will be verifiable online through the official COB, UK website. Please contact your training coordinator for more information.


UK accreditation and certification could be earned for this training, subject to submitting a 1,500-word essay concretely describing how you would utilize what you learned from the training in your current job role, in addition to paying an assessment and certification fee of 250 USD. The award would be conferred by the College of Birmingham (COB) / School of Business (SOB). The certification will be verifiable online through the official COB website. Please contact your training coordinator for more information.

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