Organizational Change

The pressure for change in organisations increases daily. In the private sector, competitive challenges, technological change, enhanced customer expectations and financial pressures combine to put a premium on firms’ abilities to learn and adapt. In the public sector, similar challenges coupled with ambiguous performance criteria place enormous pressure on organisations to react appropriately.

Designed to equip managers with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to lead organisational change, this short course is highly participative to ensure that the collective experience of the entire class group is harnessed.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes / Key Takeaways

In this course you will be able to:

  1. Recognise and comment on issues and problems arising out of organisational change initiatives.
  2. Define, explain and illustrate theories of planned change, their relevant foundations, strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Facilitate organisational change.
  4. Apply diagnostic models and concepts to change issues at the organisational, group and individual levels
  5. Reflect critically on your professional development
  6. Develop your research and writing capacity


Outline: (Modes of Delivery)

Module 1: Leading Change

  • The World of Organizational Change: Leading, Implementing and Experiencing Change
  • Evolutionary and Revolutionary Change
  • When to Change? Who to Involve? Approaches to Change Management

Module 2: Key Ingredients of Successful Transformation

  • The change integration challenges after the merger
  • The Challenge of Organizational Change
  • Mergers That Stick

Module 3: Bold Strokes

  • Private Equity based Organizational Change
  • Special features of Organizational change
  • Implement and sustain change
  • Assess the Effectiveness of change

Module 4: Managing a Merger – What, When, How and Who to Change

  • Laying the Foundation for Communicating Change
  • Perfect Phrases for Communicating Change
  • The Balance Needed to Lead Change

Module 5:  Managing a Downsizing and the Recipients of Change

  • Dealing with Anger, Distrust and Revenge in the Workplace
  • Re-Building Credibility

Each chapter focuses on clear objectives and skill demonstrations that can be easily linked to real life instances.

Additional Information

What does the course include:

  • Course Notes
  • Accelerated Adult Learning Techniques
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Manuals and Workbooks

Evaluation Criteria

         Participants must have attended the sessions at least 80% in order to receive a CERTIFICATE from Bangkok School of Management.

Our Facilitators

       BSM Facilitators are experienced practitioners with a robust mix of practical and academic expertise who teach the art and science of the subject.

Five (5) Days

10 per group 

USD 2,150 per participant

BSM Certification is recognized nationally by Thailand Ministry of Education & Internationally accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC, U.K.)

For Programme Enrollment & Registration Please Contact:

Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan
Managing Director

* You can also reach us real-time using our Live Support Or Contact Us on the website. Our representatives are available from 9AM to 6PM, Thailand time.

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