Intensive Mini MBA Programme

Find out all you need to know about our 20-Day Intensive Crash Course Mini Programme. Nationally Recognized by Ministry of Education, Thailand. Internationally Accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC, UK) - UK government recognized Accreditation Body.

DURATION:  20-Day Intensive Crash Course Programme
COURSES:  7 Core Modules


Bangkok School of Management, Amarin Tower, 16th Floor, Khwaeng Lumphini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330   View map
20-Day Intensive Crash Course Programme
7 Core Modules
UK Government Recognized (ASIC) Accredited Certification
Bangkok, Thailand

The Mini MBA is an intensive 20-Day programme that provides a practical foundation in current business practices through interactive class sessions, case studies and other readings, and problem-solving exercises. The methodology employed in delivering the courses in the programme are innovative and flexible, making it ideal for professionals wanting to broaden their management acumen and enhance their career potential. Participants of this programme have, in the past, appreciated the relevance of these classes to their jobs, and find them immediately applicable to day-to-day management and informed decision-making. Individual courses/areas include Operations, Strategy, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Ethics and Human Resources.

Who Should Attend?

  • Experienced professionals wanting to update or broaden their business knowledge and skills.
  • Individuals looking to master the language of business and gain greater perspective on how organizations succeed.
  • Non-business majors wanting to understand business fundamentals in order to work more effectively with senior management or transition into management roles.
  • Individuals considering a graduate degree and interested in obtaining an overview of MBA fundamentals.

What Will You Gain?

  • Comprehensive understanding of the key business concepts
  • A framework for making better strategic business decisions
  • Increased ability to think critically and act strategically
  • Increased confidence in your ability to speak up in meetings
  • Access to a wider network of professionals

Full MBA Pathway with European Global School (EGS) – PARIS – French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research recognized private university

In continuation from the intensive 20-Day MINI MBA Crash Programme, participants could earn a full MBA Degree (in General Management) + Academic Transcript from EGS-Paris by doing additional Theory-into-Practice Assignment of 3,500 to 4,000 words for each of the 7 modules included in the programme + Conduct an empirical research and submit a 10,000 – 12,000 word thesis.

Programme Outline

1. Operations Management (3 days):

Management of Productions / Operations – Introduces production and operations management, the business function responsible for creating goods and services. In recent years, the scope of production management has broadened considerably. Production concepts and techniques are now being applied not only to manufacturing concerns but to a wide range of service industries. These include health care, food service, recreation, banking, hotel management, retail sales, education, transportation, and government. This course examines the design and control of systems needed for the efficient use of materials, human resources, and equipment. It also discusses allocation of financial resources, facilities, and information in the development of competitive products and services.

2. Strategic Management (3 days):

The course synthesizes and integrates the concepts and techniques developed in prior courses to construct a rational basis for developing business objectives and strategic plans. Case analysis and business simulation are used to develop understanding of the concept of strategic management. Cases are selected from a cross section of industries.

3. Corporate and Managerial Finance (3 days):

An introductory graduate core course in corporate finance covering the following topics: an overview of financial decision making, time value of money, risk and return, bond valuation, stock valuation, cost of capital, and capital budgeting. Examine long-term financial management topics. Study extensions of capital budgeting models such as cash flow estimation and scenario analysis, weighted average cost of capital, capital structure decisions and dividend policy.

4. Accounting (3 days):

Accounting is the language of business. By attending this course you will learn fundamentals of accounting, reading and analysis of financial statements. You will also appreciate the relationship between accounting and finance and understand the use of debits and credits. Finally, this course will help you to accurately record financial transactions and summarize them in financial statements. This course uses a mix of interactive techniques, such as brief presentations by the consultant and the participants, in addition to demonstrating theoretical core accounting topics. The course also features real-life case studies that are discussed, solved and presented by participants.

5. Marketing & Sales Strategy & Management (3 days):

Designed to provide an understanding of the major strategy problems facing today’s marketing executive. Students are provided with an opportunity to bring their marketing knowledge to bear in the solution of contemporary marketing problems. Fundamentals of personal selling and sales force management are developed, including an analysis of the sales process and the sales plan. Emphasis is placed on sales administration as an element in marketing management.

6. Business Ethics (2 day):

This course is designed to provide an analysis and examination of significant contemporary ethical issues and challenges existing throughout the professional business arena. Emphasis will be placed upon the manager’s social and environmental responsibilities to a wide variety of stakeholders, including employees, customers and the public. Ethical dilemmas and decision-making frameworks and approaches at the personal, organizational and societal levels will be explored. Student engagement in real-world applications and issues are a critical portion of the course. Many people believe that business ethics cannot be taught. This course assumes that is not true, that ethical decision making is a worthy goal, and that all are on an asymptote working toward solid business decision making of which ethics is a part. The overall goal is to help the student understand and appreciate the elements of ethics, the importance of ethical decision-making, and its effects on themselves, business and society.

7. Human Resource Management (3 days):

Developing World Class Human Resources – Examines the management of human resources in a multinational context. Emphasizes the strategic role of human resource management and focuses on changing traditional human resources practices to meet the needs of a global organization. The course explores how ‘best in class’ human resources practices can improve an organization’s bottom line.

Whilst most of the courses do not set an exact deadline for applications, students are advised to apply early to secure the place and organise any sponsorship or funding.

International students are encouraged to apply 1 month prior the commence of the preferred courses. This allows sufficient time to process our decision, for you to obtain visas and to organise your accommodation and travel arrangements.

Receive a full MBA Programme from anywhere around the world with the additional duration of  6-12 months after the 20-Day intensive MINI MBA Crash Programme. Additional fee for the full MBA is $5,999 USD only.


8th JAN – 2nd FEB
9th APRIL – 4th MAY
9th JULY – 3rd AUG
8th OCT – 2nd NOV


7th JAN – 1st FEB
8th APRIL – 3rd MAY
8th JULY – 2nd AUG
7th OCT – 1st NOV


6th JAN – 31 JAN
6th APRIL – 1st MAY
6th JULY – 31 JULY
5th OCT – 30 OCT

The Mini MBA is a non-credit programme and does not provide any transferable credits. However, if participants wish to continue on toward the full MBA in General Management pathway and obtain a full MBA Degree + academic transcript from EGS–Paris, they could opt do to so. Participants are not required to have an undergraduate or graduate degree. Nevertheless, to get the most value from the program, students should have at least five years of work experience in business / management field.

Evaluation Criteria

Participants must have attended the sessions at least 80% in order to receive a CERTIFICATE from Bangkok School of Management.

Training Methodologies

Well-balanced theoretical and non-theoretical methodology, which includes interactive discussions, case studies, interactive activities/exercises and assignments to understand the concepts and their applicability.

Special Features

Discussions are based on extensive practical experience, not just theory. Engaging interactions characterize the training session from start till the end, keeping everyone hooked to the learning process, and applying what is learned to real-life work situations and circumstances. Collaborative work is assigned for enhance learning and mastery of knowledge and/or skills.

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