Master’s through Research

Realizing and acknowledging the fact that coursework completion (Taught Master’s programme) is not the only way to fulfill the requirements for a traditional master’s degree qualification, and being an innovative, progressive, and industry relevant training and development center in the heart of Bangkok, we at Bangkok School of Management have come up with, the internationally benchmarked, Master’s through Research programme whereby mature postgraduate candidates would be be able to pursue and complete their master’s degrees through demonstration of advanced subject-matter expertise through extensive research involvement and thesis publication rather than mere coursework.

While Master’s through Research provides students with strong preparation and training for a doctorate (PhD) through research, it is also a postgraduate qualification in its own right, as not all Master’s through Research students would ultimately progress to a PhD programme.

Master’s through Research programme option enables students to be trained in their respective chosen discipline through original investigation and supervised research, either on an individual basis or as part of a research team. Alongside, students are expected to attend and/or present papers at minimum two national or international conferences/seminars, in the specific chosen discipline. (NOTE: During the course of the degree, you would be seeking opportunities to present your work at major conferences and/or in refereed research publications).

Degree Awarded By

European Global School is established as a private higher institution to promote programmes internationally. The French higher education system is characterized by the coexistence of several types of institution. There are: universities; grands établissements publics (major public institutions); grandes écoles (elite schools); administrative public institutions; private higher education institutions or schools. European Global School falls under the category of private higher education establishment. The degrees obtained from the European Global School are in accordance with the French Code – Decree of January 25th, 1876, Articles L. 731-2, L. 731-3 and L. 731-4 – since October 01, 2015 under receipt No. E-15-04 to offer higher education awards at Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels. The UAI (unité administrative immatriculée) is 0755835K. For more information about the university’s legal/academic status, along with its degree-granting authority, please contact the French Embassy in your respective country, and/or contact the French Ministry of Education, in Paris, France.

Due to the challenging, yet rewarding nature of the counselling profession, this programme takes the counsellor and counselling student through a range of pertinent issues from multicultural concerns to Internet counselling, from PTSD through Expressive Arts, and many more. By the end of the programme, one could confidently say that he/she has achieved a great deal of knowledge, skills as well as practical exposure to the noble helping profession of counselling.

EGS Recognition & Profile Information

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101 Specialisations

  1. Accounting
  2. Advertising
  3. Airline Studies/Aviation
  4. Applied Management
  5. Archaeology
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. Asian Studies
  8. Bio-Chemistry
  9. Biology
  10. Botany
  11. Business Administration
  12. Business Management
  13. Business Studies
  14. Chemistry
  15. Cognitive Studies
  16. Commerce
  17. Commercial Property Management
  18. Community Resource and Development
  19. Computer Engineering
  20. Computer Programming
  21. Computer Science
  22. Construction Management
  23. Corporate Law
  24. Counseling
  25. Criminology
  26. Curriculum and Instruction
  27. Data Management
  28. Design Thinking and Innovation Management
  29. e-Commerce
  30. Economics
  31. Education Psychology
  32. Engineering
  33. English
  34. English Literature
  35. Environmental Studies
  36. European Studies
  37. Fashion Design
  38. Finance
  39. Food and Beverage Studies
  40. Geography
  41. Geology
  42. Geophysics
  43. Geriatric Studies
  44. Graphic Design
  45. Health Care Management
  46. History
  47. Hotel Management
  48. Human Resource Management
  49. Humanities
  50. Hypnotherapy
  51. Information Systems Management

52. Information Technology
53. Information Technology Engineering
54. Information Technology Management
55. Interior Design
56. International Business
57. International Law
58. International Studies
59. International Trade and Business
60. Internet Marketing
61. Journalism and Mass Communication
62. Library Sciences
63. Management
64. Maritime Studies
65. Marketing
66. Mathematics
67. Mechanics
68. Media Studies
69. Multimedia Design and Application
70. Nano-Technology
71. Nutrition and Health
72. Occupational Health and Safety
73. Philosophy
74. Physics
75. Political Science
76. Project Management
77. Property Management
78. Public Administration
79. Public Health
80. Public Relations
81. Publicity Management
82. Real Estate Management
83. Religious Studies
84. Research and Development
85. Sales and Marketing
86. Self-Improvement
87. Social Studies
88. Social Work
89. Sociology
90. Software Engineering
91. Special Education
92. Special Event Management
93. Sports Management
94. Statistics
95. Sustainability Studies
96. Technology Management
97. Tourism and Hospitality
98. Tourism and Hotel Management
99. Tourism Management
100. Women’s Studies
101. Zoology

12 – 16 months

  1. Students must study the module RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: Quantitative & Qualitative Analyses via BSM Learning Management System and submit a mini-research paper of minimum 5,000 words.
  2. Attend at least two national/international seminars or conferences in the chosen field of specialisation – as a delegate and/or as one of the seminar/conference presenter (this is to be self-initiated, pursued and completed by the student – evidence of which is to be submitted to the university for validation and records).
  3. Carry out and complete a full-fledged empirical study, as well as submit a thesis (containing a minimum of 5 chapters) of no less than 30,000 words in the chosen field of specialisation.
  4. Defend the thesis through a viva-voce session either in person at Bangkok School of Management, or via Skype conference.
  1. Recognised Bachelor Degree in any field.
  2. Sufficient English language proficiency (IELTS 6.0 or its equivalent).
  3. At least 3 years of working experience in the field of psychology/counselling/mental health/social work/any other related areas.

Note: Mature & high potential candidates without a degree could be considered on case-by-case basis.

Whilst most of the courses do not set an exact deadline for applications, students are advised to apply 2-3 weeks prior to their preferred date of commencement to secure the place and organise any sponsorship or funding.

International students are encouraged to apply 1 month prior to the commencement of the preferred programme. This allows sufficient time to process our decision, for you to obtain visas and to organise your accommodation and travel arrangements.

Application forms should be provided directly to Bangkok School of Management via our online application form. Simply click on the Apply Online button or visit our campus.

Here is the list of documents required for the Master’s through Research admissions:

  1. Application Form
  2. Personal Statement (500 words)
  3. Updated CV/Resumé
  4. 2-3 Reference Letters
  5. Educational Certificates
  6. Academic Transcript(s)
  7. Passport Copy/National ID Card
  8. Passport-size Photo
  9. 500 THB Application Fee

One Time Payment:

Total: 150,000THB

Installment Payment:

1st Installment – 62,000THB
2nd Installment – 52,000THB
3rd Installment – 42,000THB

Total – 156,000THB

Who should attend?

Master’s through Research option is most suitable for mature individuals, who prefer the idea of intensive research and a more independent approach to working toward their master’s degree, without the constraints of attending timetabled lectures. This option is most favoured by professionals who enjoy engaging in critical investigation and evaluation of an approved research topic/area. They are keen on demonstrating an understanding of research methods appropriate to the chosen field of study and investigation.

After having developed a research proposal under the supervision of a senior academic assigned by Bangkok School of Management, the individual typically carries out extensive research, using detailed research methods, and then proceeds to analyze and interpreting empirical data collected from the field, and finally publishing his/her findings, conclusions and recommendations.

The Master’s through Research degree is assessed entirely by the individual research work carried out by the student (process) along with the thesis produced and published / final research output (product), in addition to an oral examination (viva voce), to be cleared face-to-face at BSM campus or via SKYPE from anywhere around the world.

While taught master’s degree students follow a structured timetable and a series of lectures, tutorials and seminars with their peers, research master’s degree students are typically self-motivated to assert themselves to carry out their own investigations, analyze their results in regular consultation with their assigned supervisor(s).


Programme Benefits

The Master’s through Research facilitated by Bangkok School of Management, and duly validated and awarded by the European Global School – Paris is a nationally recognised (French Ministry of Higher Education and Research) and internationally accepted degree programme signifying high levels of achievement in research. The programme develops extensive subject expertise and independent research skills which are honed over an extended period of time. Students would undertake substantial, an original research project for the duration of the degree, under the supervision and guidance of senior academic assigned by Bangkok School of Management, with the approval of the European Global School – Paris. Consequently, the following would be achieved by students pursuing and completing the Master’s through Research Degree:

  • an internationally recognised research qualification;
  • possess advanced subject expertise at postgraduate level;
  • master research skills through practice and extensive research experience;
  • become a sought-after candidate for employment as employers are constantly looking for high calibre graduates with advanced skills who can demonstrate independence through research.
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