BA (Hons) Business

A degree in business is the key into achieving success in the real-world. As future entrepreneurs, students would be ready to set the world on fire with their business ideas. They would also be able to make well-informed business decisions which would give the business a strong foundation.

A BA (Hons) in Business degree is the student’s gateway into achieving a strong understanding of the fundamentals of business including its ins-and-outs and with the expert’s guidance from our lecturers, they would know how businesses should be conducted in the most efficient way possible.

At Bangkok School of Management we believe in education which is not only strong theoretically but also would be applicable in the real-world business environment and setting. Thus in this regard, this programme includes company visits, business-strategy workshops, mentorship, and internships which would connect students to entrepreneurs not only locally but internationally as well.

Year 1 & Year 2

  • High School completion or its equivalent qualification such as IGCSE, GED, A-Level, IB, etc.
  • English Proficiency equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or score of 65%+ on BSM English Proficiency Test (BSMEPT)

(Those with IELTS below 5.5 or BSMEPT below 65% need to take additional English courses)

Final Year

  • Recognized Diploma and/or Higher Diploma in Business/Management or related field from BSM or elsewhere
  • IELTS 6.5

3 Years

25 Courses + 8 Modules

1st and 2nd Year (Choose 25 from 30 Available Courses)

  1. BUS 101 Introduction to Business
  2. BUS 103 Principles of Management
  3. BUS 200 Business Ethics
  4. BUS 201 Organizational Behavior
  5. BUS 202 Human Resource Management
  6. BUS 203 Entrepreneurship
  7. BUS 204 E-Commerce
  8. BUS 205 Business law
  9. BUS 301 Organizational Leadership
  10. BUS 302 Managing Quality
  11. BUS 304 Small Business Management
  12. ECO 201 Microeconomics
  13. ECO 202 Macroeconomics
  14. ECO 303 International Economics
  15. ENG 101 English Composition 1
  16. ENG 102 English Composition 2
  17. ENG 201 Public Speaking
  18. FIN 301 Business Finance
  19. FIN 340 Fundamentals of Investment
  20. INT 101 Introduction to International Business
  21. INT 302 International Business Trends
  22. ITM 201 Information System in Organization
  23. MKT 101 Introduction to Marketing
  24. MKT 205 Business Negotiation
  25. MKT 301 Marketing Research
  26. MKT 302 Consumer Behavior
  27. MKT 303 Principles of Advertising
  28. MKT 304 Strategic marketing Planning
  29. OL 421 Strategic Management and Policy
  30. PPD Professional Project & Dissertation

Final Year

  1. GA6001 – Academic Language Skills for Northumbria Business School(Optional, 0 Credits)
  2. HR0372 – Culture and Organisations (Core, 20 Credits)
  3. HR0388 – Academic and Career Development (Core, 20 Credits)
  4. MK0389 – Global Marketing and Communication (Core, 20 Credits)
  5. MO0358 – Strategic Supply Chain Management (Core, 20 Credits)
  6. NX0328 – Contemporary Issues in Business (Core, 20 Credits)
  7. NX0329 – Supporting Study in the UK (Core, 0 Credits)
  8. SM0382 – Strategic Management and Corporate Responsibility (Core, 20 Credits)

Whilst most of the courses do not set an exact deadline for applications, students are advised to apply as early as possible in order to secure a spot and organise sponsorship or funding, if any.

International students, however, are encouraged to apply 1 month prior to the commencement of the preferred courses so as to allow sufficient time to process the required visa and to organise their accommodation and travel arrangements.

Application forms should be submitted directly to Bangkok School of Management by filling out our online application form which is available upon clicking on the ‘Apply Online’ button or by visiting our campus directly.

1st and 2nd Year:

Application & Placement Test: 2,500 Baht
Administration: 18,750 Baht/term (6 terms)
Tuition: 7,999 Baht/course
Certification: 55,000 Baht (payable in 4 installments)
Visa Assistance: 2,000 Baht (per year)
Graduation: 2,000 Baht
Immigration fee (for foreign students only): 7,600 Baht (per year)

Total to complete BSM Portion (approximation): 372,000 Baht (excluding visa fee) per Term

Final Year:
£15,000 in the United Kingdom

Annual Intakes:

First 1 & 2 Year: January, April, July & October

Final Year in Newcastle: January & September
Final Year in London: September