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Find out all you need to know about our Business Communication for Success Short Training here at BSM Thailand, Validated By College of Birmingham & COB School of Business.

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Short Courses
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The importance of proper communication in an organization cannot be stressed enough; it separates a successful organization from an unsuccessful one. Good communication allows a company to be productive and operate effectively. It can single-handedly boost employee morale, commitment and productivity if information is relayed and understood clearly. Without a good set of communication skills the stakeholders of the organization can be left unsatisfied, angry and the amount of misunderstanding created would ultimately cause the downfall of the company. And hence, one of the first things an organization must dedicate it’s time to is communication, be it formal or informal communication. Fortunately, this course is designed to improve exactly that skill!

Course Glimpse

Intrapersonal and Interpersonal business communication

Interpersonal and Intrapersonal communications are often confused and interchanged by professionals who don’t know better. Intrapersonal communication is communication with your own self- be it imaginative, self-talk or even recalling a memory. Interpersonal is the opposite, it is when you communicate with other individuals to get your message across. This course explores how these communication methods can be used in a business setting along with other information about when to use each form of communication and how to perfect these methods to get your message across/understood clearly.

Nonverbal delivery

Nonverbal delivery is as communicative of the message a person is trying to get across as verbal communication. Your body language, posture, facial expressions and gestures all play a role in getting your message across and how the audience perceives your message. This course equips participants with nonverbal cues they can use to influence the audience and also be clear about their intentions while delivering the message!

5 Days
10 Participants per Group
$1,999 per Participant
  • Graduate Students
  • Mid-Level Managers / Senior Managers
  • CXOs
  • Executives
  • Effective business communication
  • Delivering your message
  • Understanding your audience
  • Effective business writing
  • Writing preparation
  • Writing
  • Revising and presenting your writing
  • Feedback in the writing process
  • Business writing in action
  • Developing business presentations
  • Nonverbal delivery
  • Organization and outlines
  • Presentations to inform
  • Presentations to persuade
  • Business presentations in action
  • Intrapersonal and interpersonal business communication
  • Negative news and crisis communication
  • Intercultural and international business communication
  • Group communication, teamwork, and leadership

For Programme Enrollment & Registration Please Contact:

Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan
Managing Director


* You can also reach us real-time using our Live Support Or Contact Us on the website. Our representatives are available from 9AM to 6PM, Thailand time.

$1,999 per Participant

Upon successful completion of our short-term 2-Day, 3-Day, 5-Day, 10-Day or 15-Day programmes, with at least 80% attendance at the scheduled training sessions, participants would earn the Bangkok School of Management certification. In addition, participant who successfully obtains BSM certification would also qualify for a UK accredited certification, conditional upon

  1. submission of a 1,500 word essay concretely describing how he/she would utilize what he/she had learned from the training in his/her own job role, at his/her respective organization/company
  2. pay the assessment and certification fee of $250 USD. The award would be conferred by the College of Birmingham (COB) / School of Business (SOB). The certification will be verifiable online through the official COB, UK website. Please contact your training coordinator for more information.


UK accreditation and certification could be earned for this training, subject to submitting a 1,500-word essay concretely describing how you would utilize what you learned from the training in your current job role, in addition to paying an assessment and certification fee of 250 USD. The award would be conferred by the College of Birmingham (COB) / School of Business (SOB). The certification will be verifiable online through the official COB website. Please contact your training coordinator for more information.

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