Pierre Le Levier (Peter)’s journey from Europe to Bangkok with Bangkok School of Management

Pierre Le Levier (Peter)’s journey from Europe to Bangkok with Bangkok School of Management

Pierre Le Levier (Peter) had spent a majority of his life in Europe, like most European young adults he longed to explore the world, albeit, responsibly. Peter wanted to travel to Asia, namely Bangkok but also did not want to put his studies on hold and so he found Bangkok School of Management. Peter joined us for the Northumbria University Programme, a highly specialized programme where students will study 25 essential, university level business/management courses, during Year 1 and Year 2, followed by 4 core leadership and management modules delivered and assessed by the Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, during their final year (Year 3), leading to an internationally recognized BA (Hons) in Leadership and Management degree.

Due to the flexible nature of Bangkok School of Management’s education, with freedom for the students being of top priority, Peter was allowed to explore his passion for music and even start his own band while at our institute! We catch up with Peter and ask him what life has been like after BSM, and how he’s doing now!


How is work? What are you up to lately?

I am currently working for a luxurious French company that produces instruments, namely harps! It’s a smaller- more high-end company so I am in-charge of several facets of the business but mostly sales. I am also in charge of further business development via strategizing, involved with meeting prospective clients, the works.

After BSM, what was the biggest challenge you faced when stepping into the workplace?

The biggest challenges I faced and still am facing is to adapt myself with regards to the products that I am selling. I am always trying to find the best solutions for the customers or the distributors. I would also like to credit Bangkok School of Management as their diversity and of course, the study has helped a lot in figuring out the way people work and act. I am more familiar with all the various cultures and behaviors of the world. I try to adapt my sales strategy accordingly too; for example, Chinese customers are hard bargainers and as such act very differently to German or Polish Customers and so my time at BSM, being exposed to such diversity has really helped me add a new dimension to my profession and I am thankful for that.

What's your next step / plan?

My love for music wants me to stay connected to the company and continue working here, I feel like “work”, doesn’t feel like “work” because I am in an industry which is also my passion. Overall, I’m enjoying my time here and would like to stay

Do you have any suggestions for the students / parents who are currently choosing universities?

For the future students who are heading into university and their parents, I would strongly recommend BSM, not just because I studied here but because of the atmosphere this institute provides. Everyone wants to help, the staff, the lecturers, and even your peers, the community is like a family, not just that, the education provided at BSM is second to none, I really want to take the opportunity to credit my professor, Mr. Hardeep, who is still the best professor I’ve studied under.  And lastly, BSM helps you reconnect with your passion, as I did with mine (music) and turn that passion into a business, or at the very least steer you closer to making your passion not just a hobby but a source of income. I cannot recommend BSM enough!