Parm Kranlert (Non) and His First Business Start-Up, “Deliver Good Things Co. Ltd.”

Parm Kranlert (Non) and His First Business Start-Up, “Deliver Good Things Co. Ltd.”

Parm Kranlert (Non) is a student at Bangkok School of Management and currently studying under the Northumbria Program. This month he took some time to speak to us regarding his first business venture, a company aptly named Deliver Good Things CO.,LTD.


Can you share with us your company name and the type of business?

Deliver Good Things CO.,LTD  is the name of my company. We offer a vending machine service in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport and will eventually try to cover the rest of Bangkok. The machines are imported from China. We are focusing on snacks and beverage to be put into the vending machines for now since it is our first year in the business.

Where did you get the idea to install a vending machine at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport?

Passengers have to walk a fair distance to go to convenience stores just to buy a bottle of water or even a bar of chocolate. There are only 2 shops available on the 4th floor of the airport which located on the far end of the terminal. It also difficult for passengers with many luggage to move around the terminal since the airport is very busy and most of the time is packed with people. The restaurants and bars on the 3rd floor also very busy and quite pricey. Some of the shops are not allow trolleys inside the shop since there are limited space. So I thought to myself about how can I fix these problems and that’s when the vending machine concept came to my mind. The machine is small, convenient and can be placed anywhere.

Many people have great ideas but almost never bring these ideas to fruition. How about you? Were there any difficulties initially when you were working on this project and how did you overcome it?

It wasn’t easy to do business with government agencies or state enterprises since there are many steps and many people involved in decision making process. There are also more rules and regulations that the business operator has to strictly follow, especially in the airport. There were difficulties in the beginning since this is a startup project. We had to work with limited resources; both manpower and capital. The cost of setting up a business can scare some people off since the vending machine does not come cheap, but, we decided to trust our judgement and continue the project.

What was your strategy to successfully approach and convince authorities at the Suvarnabhumi Airport?

We offered a guarantee of high quality products and services in order to make sure that our customers are satisfied after using our vending machines.

How do you think studying at BSM helped you in your business? Can you explain how?

The knowledge I learned in many classes was very helpful in almost every stage ; the decision making process, understanding consumer behavior, setting up a daily operation for my staff. BSM has taught me to be organized and focused, not to be distracted which really helped me to stay in controlled in many situations.

What's the next step / plan for your business?

We are planning to expand our business to other major airports in Thailand as well. The vending machine industry can be expand to other locations such as office buildings, hotels and apartments. There are still a lot of potential markets for vending machines to enter into.

Anything you want to say to those who are choosing a business school now?

There is more than just selling and buying when it comes to doing business. The knowledge you will gain after completing a course at a business school will definitely help you in making the right decisions and being a good judge of different situations!

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