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Northumbria University, New Castle, U.K.

Bangkok School of Management has been enjoying a close working relationship with Northumbria University for over 6 years. The Chairman and Directors at BSM strongly felt the need to take this academic association to the next level in order to provide students with an internationally recognized Bachelor degree option that would go a long way in terms of future employability and career success.

Having noted that Northumbria University ranks Top-10 in the UK for graduate employability (i.e., 90% of Northumbria University graduates get employed within the first 6 months), it was decided that students at BSM should be given an opportunity to pursue and complete a BA (Hons) degree from this most-sought-after, world-class institution of higher education. As such, in 2012, BSM formally applied to become an official Distance Learning Support Centre of Northumbria University in Thailand.

Apart from e-mail exchanges to discuss about the new role of BSM, several face-to-face communications took place between the officials of Northumbria University (both at the local office in Bangkok, and from the university’s main campus in Newcastle) and the Directors of Bangkok School of Management.

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