Niphan Sethi, Aspiring Indian Student, took his “Key to Success”

Niphan Sethi, Aspiring Indian Student, took his “Key to Success”

Niphan Sethi is a curious, young mind who aims to become a cherished entrepreneur soon. He is currently waiting anxiously to study a Bachelor’s degree in Science (Majoring in Mechatronic Systems) at the University of Melbourne. Meanwhile, before establishing a platform as an entrepreneur, he wants to build the knowledge on different managerial aspects that becomes crucial to achieve his dream. He talks about the role of Bangkok School of Management in his endeavour to accomplish.

When asked the reasons to study business short courses at BSM, Niphan Sethi said, “After graduating from high school, I had 9 months, before I start my first semester at a University in Australia. I decided to make the most of this opportunity by acquiring knowledge on business management. Nowadays, it is essential to have a large range of skill set in order to advance in the corporate setting and BSM gives the flexibility to choose a course for a short span. As a result, I decided to enrol in short business courses.”

“The culture is very comforting,” Sethi referred to the multicultural environment and diverse learning at BSM. Adding to this, he mentioned that, “the community consists of students from a wide range of countries, where all are respectful, welcoming, and fun to be around.”

The class size at BSM allowed him to communicate easily with the teachers. “During the classes”, he continued, “the teaching style is highly interactive and ensures that students fully comprehend a topic before moving on. The teachers and staff are extremely helpful and friendly.”

Niphan Sethi revealed that he discovered techniques during his term of short course that will be applicable in his career. Even though he would not be pursuing Business and Management at University of Melbourne, he stated, “I look forward to becoming an entrepreneur in the future. I would like to either start my own business or become a corporate entrepreneur. For this, I need to be knowledgeable in all of the Business Management fields. Having this knowledge is, therefore, the key to my success.”