BSM Students Had the Opportunity to Meet The Founder of Dynasty Food Products, Mr. Anand Singh

Mr. Anand Singh of Dynasty Food Products took the time to meet the students of ‘MKT 304: Strategic Marketing Planning’. Dynasty Food Products Co. Ltd. is a fast growing importer and distributor of sauces, condiments, spices, and nutritionally enriched milk drink in Thailand. Recently established in 2012, they envisioned to become the leading importer of high-quality food products in Thailand.

Mr. Anand is no different from Bangkok School of Management. He used to teach our undergraduate students and if he has some time to spare, he’s involved with our training division. As his company possesses a strong passion in combination with cohesive strategic planning, Ms. Bhavna Khemlani found his experience useful to her class. Mr. Anand shared with our students the value of perseverance. You must remain steadfast in doing something amidst the adversities as success does not come easy. You must take the path of hard work as it may be rough but the destination it leads to will be worth all the difficulties.