Naree Jampathiw, Current Student and Employee, at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines!

Naree Jampathiw, Current Student and Employee, at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines!

Here at Bangkok School of Management we strongly believe in flexibility and convenience for the students! The most recent example is Naree Jampathiw, current BSM student on a gap year and working with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines serving on Cruise travels worldwide.


Can you let us know how many people applied for the position and how many were chosen?

In the beginning, I was made aware of this opportunity when listening to the radio in regards to accepting new students who would like to attend a cruise training program. It sounded exciting and so I approached the organization to get further information, after making my mind that this potential position would be a good match for me I decided to train with them for 2 months theoretically and later join them for a 3-month Internship.  Before my internship was finalized I got an invitation to interview with the owner of the cruise ship company Fred Olsen Jr. The interview went well and I was eventually offered the position of Guest Service Assistant. This was a great achievement as I was only the second Thai person who was asked to be a Guest Service Assistant as most Thai applicants are offered to be Assistant Bar Waitress’, Housekeeping Utility or Cabin Stewardess- these positions do not have much of a chance to interact with the various clientele that steps onboard.

As for the applicants, I feel like I was fortunate and must say that the Cruise industry has not yet caught the eye of the Thai market yet!  Regardless, the number of applicants were astounding and I was lucky to be selected. A potential barrier to entry is that the job requires a good command of  English communication, which is the biggest challenge for Thai people to overcome.

Were there any ‘tough’ moments on the job?

One of my main challenges at the job was the terminology and jargon used on board. Another hidden challenge was dealing with people itself, the subtle communication cues and body language reading I had to analyse in my head when responding to customer demands at the cruise ship! Plus working on cruise ship has NO DAY OFF out of your 8 months contract so it’s full throttle 7 days a week 10hrs a day / 70hrs per week of work which I’m not used to but soldiered on and realise now how having an unbreakable work-ethic actually makes you a better person and contributes to future self-growth!

What kept you going on one of those tougher moments on the cruise?

This is probably the biggest challenge of my life. The work experience I had gathered in the past cannot compare to the work on the cruise ship- working here is dealing with a lot of pressure and making mistakes is extremely frowned upon since it is the service industry! However, I was blessed to work with a great team who always supported each other and tried to keep everyone the team involved in high spirits. As for the tougher moments, I always thought positively and stayed focus on the task at hand, I also learned not to rush and having the right information with clear instructions and permission is the most important part of the service industry.

Do you think the study at BSM somehow helped you go through the difficulties?

My time at BSM has enabled me to deal with people from different nationalities as all the classmates are from different countries. Academically BSM has enabled me to analyze and critique how businesses run, what are their targets and core value. One last thing I would like to stress on is how accommodating Bangkok School of Management has been to me, they have allowed me to keep on studying provided I complete my assignments and hand in my projects at a reasonable time. At the end of the day, I’m glad I chose BSM.

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