Dr. Isha Daramy

Lecturer, Corporate Trainer

Isha Daramy holds a PhD of Educational Management as well as a Master of Science in Professional Writing and Bachelor of Science, (LLB/JD), along ...

Having completed her BS in Legal studies at the age of 18 from St. John’s University, Dr.Isha became the youngest attorney in the country at the age of 21. Thereafter, she continued her educational pursuit and obtained three additional Master’s Degree and further, a Doctorate Degree. She has worked in various capacity in some of the finest and largest organizations in the world, such as Canadian Consulate General, Ceesay & Associates Accounting Firm, Special Court for Sierra Leone, University of Liberia Law Clinic, University of Sierra Leone, Law Offices of David Jallah, Silk Legal, Meyer International Limited in such capacity as Adjunct Professor, Attorney at Law, Foreign Legal Advisor/Legal Editor, Financial Planner, In-House Counsel, and Corporate Trainer. The unique complexities presented at each company helped her develop a deeper understanding of financial practices exercised by various industries. As a Corporate Attorney and Financial Planner performing management & financial and legal due diligence, Dr. Isha understands accountancy, logistics, insurance and the international regulations and standards for Financial Risk Management, Corporate Finance, and Financial Management. Her international experience of financial markets as a Financial Planner and Corporate Attorney dealing with cross-border transactions and Foreign Direct Investments has given her the expertise in the securities and derivatives industry, with particular expertise in trading, operations, regulation, risk management, corporate governance, clearing, and settlement. She has substantial executive experience with Clearing Houses, Exchanges, Consumer Banking, Wealth Management, Equity and Derivatives Trading, Portfolio Management and Project Management. She is an independent advisor offering a broad range of professional services, which include legal consulting, management and training plus expert witness work.