Increase The Visibility of Your Website By Using These 5 Simple SEO Techniques

Increase The Visibility of Your Website By Using These 5 Simple SEO Techniques

“Google it” has to be one of the most used phrases of the 21st century among many others. Google and other Search Engines have revolutionized the way we look for information, long gone are the days of sitting in Libraries going through encyclopedia after encyclopedia to find that one specific fact you were looking for about some obscure war in the 1800’s- now, everything is one click away. The question though, is how does any search engine bring up the right results and present them to you on the first page, and how is the search engine so accurate?

The answer lies with Search Engine Optimization- you see; platforms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo all have algorithms they use to search from the billions and billions of websites for the most accurate and up-to-date information and presenting it to the user as quickly as possible. Multiple different sites may have the same information, so, these Search Engines have ways to put ‘on top’ the most relevant and accurate website, here’s how you can bring your website to the very front page of any search engine!

  • Keywords will take you places

Keywords will be the cornerstone of success for your website- it is important to target your keywords towards your target customer, put yourself in their shoes and imagine what your consumers would search for to land on your website, let’s say you own a restaurant that sells Thai food in Florida. The term “Thai Food” is vague and might be used by people seeking information on Thai food or any related articles about it. But a specific keyword phrase such as “Thai Food in Florida” is more likely to be selected by someone who wants to eat Thai Food in the state of Florida.

Keywords and phrases should be as specific to your company as possible and should be easy to search, as in, not be words that are typically used by ‘marketers’ a good rule of thumb is to again, always put yourself in your consumers shoes and also think about how you personally search for things online.

  • Content Matters

Just like a lion is the king of the jungle the same way content is the king of your website. You’re not supposed to create content just because it’s a ‘trend’ but because it has been proven to drive traffic and improve SEO, to learn more about why content is king you can click here. To put it simply, Google likes to see website put out new and relevant content. However, do not ever make the mistake of taking content from elsewhere and copy pasting it on to your website, be sure to keep your content as original as possible. Duplicate content as in, 2 URL’s having the same content pulls down site ratings and ruins your site ranking. You can click here to view the tools which can help you check for plagiarism on your website.

  • Make your site load as quickly as possible

Often overlooked, a site’s load speed is also factored in search-engine rankings; it also affects the rates of visitors who actually become consumers from viewers. There are several studies which show how slow load speed results in 40% website visitors abandoning the site within a couple of seconds. To start, you can always check your own site’s load time using a website like this one. Websites like these can help you identify which part of your website is slowing things down, so you can either remove that component or make it more efficient on your end.

  • Optimize elements on your website

I know this sounds highly technical but all you have to do is to pay attention to meta descriptions (these are codes in a web page header that summarize content on the page), these meta descriptions should be present on each page of your website and should be relevant. They should also not be too wordy or have too few words as these factors can also harm SEO rankings. Apart from meta descriptions, there are other on-site elements you can optimize, to learn more you can read this article. Or even better take a course on e-marketing and learn from the pros themselves!

  • Encourage customer reviews

Encouraging customers to leave reviews does two things, first, it gets them to join in conversing about your brand, and second, it creates new content which Search Engines are always looking for. The more reviews you get, the more unique content is put out there mentioning you and so you get a higher ranking, which gives you higher awareness. It’s a beautiful circle. Reviews also provide proof that your site is reliable and valuable to your users which also directs ranking upwards. Consumers also almost always use the keywords to describe your product or service which again, helps with ranking.

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