How To Ace Your SAT Math Exam!

  • Know Your Strengths and Weakness’

The first thing you would need to focus on during the preparation stage for your SAT exam would be to identify the two types of chapters; the first being those that you’re confident in and the second, being those that you’re not so sure about. The chapters you need to focus on would be those that you’re weak in, a lot of people have this misunderstanding that practicing topics you are comfortable with first builds a sense of confidence, but that confidence will not help you if you cannot solve certain questions in the exam! Therefore, first things first, strengthen your weaknesses!

  • Ditch the Calculator

The SAT math exam is divided into two parts, the part that does not allow you to use your calculator and the other which does. This tip always shocks students, but what a lot of them do not know is that every single question on the math exam can be completed without the help of a calculator! During your practice sessions try scaling the use of the calculator, from high use to low use and then completely ditching it. This allows you to, firstly, hone your mental mathematics skill, secondly, this gives you a much better fundamental understanding of the questions and how to go about solving any question in the actual exam since you already know the inner workings of each of these questions and lastly, once you actually start attempting to do the exam with the help of a calculator you will notice a visible increase in the speed of your workings!

  • Focus on the Grid-In Sections

Grid-in questions (student-produced response questions) are problems with no answer choices. You have to solve the problem then enter the answer in a grid. The multiple choice questions i.e. the “regular questions” usually almost always give you clues from the multiple choices, especially if you have a keen eye and are on the look-out for extra information. The grid-in questions, however, leave you completely independent, and therefore, focusing more on them during your practice sessions makes you a more confident student, simultaneously also improving your base knowledge of mathematics as you are forced to not rely on clues and hints in the paper. Practice a lot of these!


  • Your Attitude Determines a Lot!

This is especially applicable when you make mistakes. Whenever you make mistakes during your practice, it is up to you to go back to that question is to figure out what the right answer is and secondly how did the mistake happen. Oftentimes, students who are practicing tend to notice that the mistake was a careless one, but if you look deeper into the mistake you might just end up spotting a pattern, for instance, you may encounter yourself making the same errors when solving a particular type of problem. Spotting these patterns early in your practice sessions can help save a lot of time and most importantly marks during your actual SAT math exams! So always focus on trying to understand why and how you went wrong with each incorrect answer.

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