Five Reasons Why You Should Do a PhD

PhD is something that I always wanted to do. It is the highest qualification one could get and is accepted across the globe. It is also highly in demand in the industry.


“PhD? Isn’t it overqualified and doesn’t it take ages to complete?”

This thought has always kept me on hold for a long time. But, then it’s only later I realised that completing PhD doesn’t take long years indeed. If you are interested in research or did a research earlier and have a few publications on your name, it is not difficult to get that ‘Doctor’ before your name.

A number of universities, today, are offering Doctorate-Through-Research or Doctorate-Through-Publications to make it easier for aspiring research scholars to achieve that tag of PhD scholar to their portfolio. Not to convince you, but here are five good reasons why should you do a PhD.

You Can Qualify for Top-Level Positions

A doctoral degree is not just a passport to a world of research and new knowledge. It is an asset that increases one’s chances for obtaining high paying and satisfying jobs. Top-level positions are often reserved for senior members as they hold the responsibility for decision-making. A PhD gives you the right knowledge to take crucial decisions at the right time.

It gives you the special advantage of being in top-level positions without much effort. You can work with top researchers as assistants or associates or work directly as a high-level executive.


You’ll Demonstrate Your Unmatched Higher-Level Skills

This one is quite interesting. There is less competition for a PhD graduate in any organization. Your ability to define problems and identify possible solutions, comprehension of large amounts of information, planning, your motivation to complete projects, prioritizing tasks and other skills can stand unparalleled in a group. You will acquire skills that can boost your career. “Expert” is what they will call you, for your unmatched knowledge.


You can indulge in the luxury of having Dr as your title.

Yes, it may sound a little superficial, but some of us like that kind of a thing! You will always have that little title before your name right after receive your doctorate. It is quite amusing when people refer to you as a ‘Dr’ recognising your academic success.


Your analytical skills will skyrocket

This becomes one of your major strengths. You will learn to sharpen your analytical skills, and will then be able to apply these skills to subsequent ventures.

During the course of completion of PhD, you come out with the power of collecting, visualizing, articulating and analysing with the accurate detailing of aspects. This is the most important requirement of every organization.


A PhD will definitely fulfil your intellectual satisfaction.

Finally, PhD quenches your thirst for accomplishment. It provides a window for you to express your ideas to prove them with logical references. You might not do a PhD either to gain recognition or to seek a career. But, PhD brings that sense of intellectual satisfaction that cannot be replaced.

Your investigations and analysis will set up concepts like no one before.

Now that you know what a PhD can do, you might want to gather information to start your research. To learn more about getting a PhD without long years. Check out the European PhD option at Bangkok School of Management, run in affiliation with The European Global School – Paris. It assists you to fulfil your dream of completing the highest qualification in a short period (2-3 years).

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