BSM’s First Alumni from the Maldives – Making Her Career in One of the Most Influential and Dynamic Companies in the Country!

BSM’s First Alumni from the Maldives – Making Her Career in One of the Most Influential and Dynamic Companies in the Country!

Ms. Aminath Rasheeda graduated with a B.S. in Business Studies specializing in Business Administration from then American Degree programmes provider partner of BSM, namely, the Southern New Hampshire University. Completing her internationally recognized degree at BSM in 2010 allowed her the opportunity to be hired by one of the most influential and dynamic companies in the Maldives, i.e., the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company, MTCC. Ms. Rasheeda currently holds the position of Senior Administrative Officer in the Dept. of Dredging and Special Projects Department.

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company, (MTCC) was incorporated in 1980, as the first public company in the Maldives. The company was established with the objective to contribute towards the development of infrastructure and transport service in the country. Since then MTCC has positioned itself as one of the strongest business entities in the country with a diversified range of products and services, with a work force of over 1090 employees across the country.

In an interesting twist of fate, Ms. Rasheeda has another encounter with BSM at the recent 2-Day Workshop (March 6 & 7) on “Strategic Planning and Management delivered by Dr. Didier Delaval (BSM’s expert sessional lecturer and corporate trainer) in the Maldives. She joined a host of other top managers and executives of MTCC to undergo this cutting-edge intensive workshop sessions learning about and mastering Strategic Thinking, Planning and Execution. Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan, who coordinated the workshop with MTCC’s HR Department had a chance to re-connect with Ms. Rasheeda and managed to get her to say something about her experience studying at BSM, several years ago, as well as her excitement in returning to becoming a student of BSM once again. These are her words…


“I would like to thank BSM, lectures and all my classmates for making my time at BSM a very memorable and amazing one. Study environment and the facilities provided by BSM was a great help to me in my studies. I feel very proud for being the first Maldivian to graduate from BSM. Having students from different countries at BSM enhanced my knowledge about their culture. I really enjoy the time I spent at BSM. I would like to recommend BSM for those who are looking for further studies in Bangkok. The supportive and internationally friendly environment at BSM is also the key factor which is important to an international student like me.”

– Rasheeda


Bangkok School of Management would like to thank MTCC for choosing its expertise and services to provide a total of six top-level in-house professional development programmes, in areas such as Strategic Planning and Management, Logistics and Procurement Management, and Effective Administrative Skills, for its top management and executives for the year 2017. This is reflective of the trusting relationship enjoyed by both MTCC and BSM in developing and equipping key personnel of MTCC with progressive work etiquette and mindset, as well as industry-relevant competencies and skills, required for the 21st century and beyond.

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