Date: April 21th and April 28th   Finance For Non-Finance Managers

Date: April 21th and April 28th

Finance For Non-Finance Managers

The Finance for Non-Finance Managers programme enables professionals, especially from functional areas other than finance such as sales, marketing, human resource, research and development, production, procurement, to gain an extensive working knowledge of critical financial principles in an easy-to-follow manner, enabling them to make critical business decisions involving cost-savings, budgets, new projects decisions, growth strategies and so on. Participants are able to understand and analysis financial statements as well as grasp the basic fundamentals of finance and accounting.
This programme aims to meet the requirements of operating managers who would like to be well versed with the introductory nuances of finance in different functional areas. Deciphering financial concepts and developing the ability to see the business implications of numbers is a key outcome of this programme, which aims to help participants:
• Understand the implications of finance on various corporate activities
• Understand and analysis financial statements
• Understand the impact of various decisions on a company’s performance
• Get practical insights and gain swift appreciation of the fundamentals of finance and accounting.
If you wish to participate in this training programme, please contact Ms. Aom at: