The training programme I am looking for is not on the list. What should I do?

Worry not, for we can arrange a training programme specifically designed for your needs. Please click the following link for get assistance from our staff:$_tawk_sk=5b681bd7f4066e88a590c828&$_tawk_tk=e0232edac38598bbe25727e668e44b81&v=584.

How to get the training calendar?

Please click this link to download your 2019 training schedule

How long can I defer from the admissions?

You can defer your application for 4 months and will have to make additional payment of 500THB. However, if you are starting the programme on the intake you have applied for, then no additional charges are required.

Is the degree recognised in Thailand?

The MOE Thailand will, first of all, check a) the legitimacy of the university where the degree is obtained from – i.e., in our case, the legitimacy of EGS-Paris. EGS-Paris is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of France – while MOE Thailand does not have jurisdiction over a French private university such as EGS – one rule of thumb is that universities recognized by the government of a country is “normally” accepted by other countries – this is because if they don’t accept, it means they are questioning the legitimacy of the French government itself, and b) the way the degree was obtained by the graduate – in other words, did the student really study in the programme, got assessed and officially got conferred degree award from EGS.

Can I obtain a work permit in Thailand using my degree from EGS - Paris?

According to the Thai Embassy, “a foreigner is eligible to apply for a work permit as long as he has a non-immigrant visa or a resident visa, has an available employer who will provide documents for a work permit, and the occupation he will perform is not prohibited to foreigners.

The degree obtained from EGS as an awarding body can be used to apply for the work permit.

The applicant has to submit the following documents:

  1. 2 inches photo
  2. Medical Certificate
  3. Original Passport
  4. Letter of Employment
  5. Bachelor’s Degree Certificate
  6. Address in Thailand

The employer has to provide the following:

  1. Company Certificate and Objectives
  2. List of Shareholders
  3. Application for VAT
  4. Withholding tax of the company
  5. Financial statement
  6. Photocopy of the director’s passport and work permit with a signature affixed
  7. Office map
  8. Letter of employment stating the position and salary of the applicant
  9. Employment agreement

Do I have to visit the campus in order to apply?

No, you don’t. The full application form can be completed entirely online.

What is the fee refund policy?

  • Student dropping out of the programme within 4 weeks from the commencement of the programme will get a 50% refund of total fee.
  • Student dropping out of the programme after 4 weeks but before 8 weeks from the commencement of the programme will get a 25% refund of the total fee.
  • Student dropping out of the programme after 8 weeks of the programme will not get any refund +  will need to pay a university cancellation fee of 25,000 THB to BSM.
  • If a student fails a module and re-takes it through submission of Module Assessment, he/she needs to pay a re-sit fee of 4000 THB to BSM.
  • A deferment fee of 2,500 THB is to be paid per module if the student defers the module after the commencement of the said module.
  • A change of specialization fee of 2,500 THB is to be paid to BSM if the student wishes to change the specialization after the commencement of the programme.

Can I transfer credits from a previous university?

Yes, you can. However, the number of credits transferred will depend on the courses/modules you took and the similarities they have compared to our modules. Please note, the fee will not be reduced regardless if the credits were transferred or not.

Does Bangkok School of Management provide the In-House On-Site Training?

Yes, we do. We will bring our expert trainers to your office, or to a site of your choice.
Please contact if you are in Thailand, or for all inquiries outside of Thailand

Can Bangkok School of Management provide the training in Thai language?

Yes, we can. We have highly qualified Thai trainers here at BSM should Thai Language be the preferred mode of instruction.

Why should we choose Bangkok School of Management for corporate or executive training?

  • Our overall approach in delivering training or professional development programmes is COMPETENCY BASED, where the focus would be on identifying key skills / knowledge gap and assisting participants in building their mastery of the much required, specific job related skills or knowledge.
  • Our training Methodology is characterized through HANDS-ON WORKSHOP format, where EVERY PARTICIPANT is being involved in MEANINGFUL LEARNING experiences, be it during in-class sessions, or out in the field/industry. Participants would also be able to gain mastery through the problem-based method we utilize at BSM.
  • Our trainers are INDUSTRY SPECIALISTS, and not the typical college/university professors. Their expertise comes from the industry, and they deliver the sessions based on their own professional experiences. Apart from being subject specific specialists, they are TRAINED TO TRAIN other professionals.
  • Upon successful completion of all the requirements for our training programmes, our participants shall receive a NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED (by Ministry of Education, Thailand) and INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED (by the Accreditation Services for International Schools, Colleges and Universities, ASIC, a U.K. Government recognized international accreditation body) CERTIFICATION.
  • All our programmes and services are INTERNATIONALLY BENCHMARKED through the audit and quality assurance processes, carried out by both the Ministry of Education, Thailand, as well as ASIC, U.K., on a regular basis.

What if a customer has paid for a training, but can not attend the training?

We have NO REFUND POLICY. However, we can postpone the training, to a later date based on the client’s need. They just need to inform us one week prior in case of cancellation or postponement.


Will there be a student visa assistance for international students?

Yes, international applicants can apply for NON-IMMIGRANT EDUCATION VISA (or Non-Ed visa) after they have completed the required admission procedures.

Could you provide in-home tutorial?

Unfortunately, we do not provide in-home tutorials. Normally, students come to study here at  BSM.

How long do I have to take the course?

Regarding the duration, it depends on both your study skills and the subject that you have chosen to study.  Some advanced students complete a subject within 20-30 hours while others complete the same subject in 60-80 hours. You can always add additional hours if necessary.

Can academic credits be transferred to another university?

Yes, credits can be transferred. However, the number of credits that can be transferred depends entirely on the institution of choice. We follow US credit system, each subject is equal to 3 credits.

Is the programme conducted in English?

All the undergraduate courses are taught in English. For an applicant who is a non-native English speaker, proof of English Proficiency must be submitted.  However, for those who do not have an IELTS/TOEFL score, he/she can take the BSM English Proficiency Test instead.

**BSM English Language Proficiency requirement: IELTS Academic Test overall band 5.5 or TOEFL iBT total score 55.