Date: September 13th – 14th  Public Speaking

Date: September 13th – 14th

Public Speaking

Being a good public speaker can enhance your reputation, boost your self-confidence, and open up countless opportunities!
This course provides you a reliable model for preparing and delivering effective presentations.
By the end of the course, you should be able to:
• Significantly reduce your fear of public speaking
• Develop a strong vibrant speaking voice
• Perform speeches with dynamic movement and gestures

Mr. Robert is a dedicated Business Lecturer and highly motivated Corporate Management Trainer. After graduating with an Honors Degree in Science from the United Kingdom, he spent his early career in the UK Insurance Industry primarily in operations where he specialized in cost containment, triage, negotiation and resolution. He developed his management and training skills whilst working for some of the largest multi-national insurers before taking his career to South-East Asia and obtaining his Master’s Degree in General Management. His background has equipped him with a specific skill set that enables him to deliver quality management training and coaching for global clients.

FEE: $999 which also includes: training & certification, tea/coffee breaks, writing instrument and training materials.

To register, please contact Dr.Edward Roy K : or call: +66(2)2569586