Date: March 31st and April 2nd – 5th  Project Cycle Management

Date: March 31st and April 2nd – 5th

Project Cycle Management

In our era of economic and social disruptions, technical evolution and revolutions, changes must be approached with method and accuracy.
Project management techniques are part of answer to these needs for risk management, planning, resources management tools.
Several approaches are possible and proposed by a variety of organisations, all having good points and weaknesses.
Project Cycle Management (PCM) and it associated Logical Framework are very much an answer to International Organisation financed programmes, State Owned Organisations and Enterprises, Non Governmental and Non Profit organisation, whose goals and objectives are based on value creation, sustainability, going much farther than pure commercial profit.
In these regards, PCM and “Log Frame” focus mainly on stakeholders needs and expectations, aiming at long terms outcome and impacts of the change initiative, which are somehow quite strategically based as opposed to tactically based project management tools and techniques.

Our guest-consultant for this programme: D. Delaval, MLL
Founder of several ventures in Asia since 1995, D. Delaval has an international executive experience of 35 years in Europe, the USA and Australasia.
He has a proven track record and expertise in international law, negotiations, projects management, supply chain management, value chain development, etc. based on multi sectorial experiences with the mechanical, aerospace, navigation, environment, fisheries, agro-food and vocational education industries.
He has been part of large industrial turnkey project teams in Asia, the USA, Europe, such as industrial projects, civil aviation schools and training centres development.
Co – founder of several starts-ups in Asia since 1995, he offers his international executive experience in Europe, the USA and Australasia.
An experienced lecturer with several universities and Institutions in France and Asia, he is passionate with education and business vocational training.

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