Date: March 26 – 30, 2019 Effective Corporate Governance

Date: March 26 – 30, 2019 Effective Corporate Governance

This 5-Day Training Programme covers:
Day 1
• The Importance of Corporate Governance
• International Aspect in Corporate Governance
• The Practice of Directorship
• Corporate Governance and Environment

Day 2
• Roles of the Board of Directors
• Board and the Era of Change
• Guideline on Corporate Governance
• Discussion on Case Study of CG in Action
• Board’s Role in Financial Statements

Day 3
• Corporate Governance and Risk Management
• Board Challenges in 2019
• Board and Digital Economy
• New Corporate Governance Area
• Board Preparation for New generation CG and Sustainability

Day 4
• CIMC: Understanding the Concept of Corporate Integrated Marketing Communication
• Brand Strategy
• Evaluating Corporate Performance
• PR and Media Management

Day 5
• Crisis Management
• CG Policy Development Workshop
• Presentation and Conclusion
• Time Management
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Dr. Veerachai has more than 30 year experiences, proven by his distinguish award, “Thailand Top 100 Human Resource Award” (Academic Achievement & Consulting) in 2012, awarded by Thammasat HR International Awards.
For academic professional, Dr. Veerachai is currently an advisor at Knowledge Management Committee, Thammasat University as well a lecturer for Master of Business Economics Program, Thammasat University. For management prospective, he is a Chief Development Officer of COACH A (Thailand) Co. Ltd. – A Global Coaching Firm with expertise in Executive/Corporate Coaching, Head Office in Tokyo and Branches in New York, Shanghai and Singapore.
He also is an Advisory Committee and committee member for many distinctive organizations including, Center for ASEAN Studies, Thammasat University, The National Legislative Assembly, Faculty of Global Studies & Social Entrepreneurship, Thammasat University.