Date: June 19th-20th Advanced Communication for Professional Success

Date: June 19th-20th

Advanced Communication for Professional Success

This 2-Day training Programme mainly covers:
– Write to be Understood
– Speak to be Heard
– Plan for High Impact Presentations
– Captivate Your Audience
– Holding Effective Meetings

Facilitator: MR. ROBERT PARK
Mr Robert is a dedicated Business Lecturer and highly motivated Corporate Management Trainer. After graduating with an Honours Degree in Science from the United Kingdom, he spent his early career in the UK Insurance Industry primarily in operations where he specialized in cost containment, triage, negotiation and resolution. He developed his management and training skills whilst working for some of the largest multi-national insurers before taking his career to South-East Asia and obtaining his Masters Degree in General Management. His background has equipped him with a specific skill set that enables him to deliver quality management training and coaching for global clients.
With a background in Insurance and Financial Services and over 10 years of experience in the Education Industry, Mr Robert is a Trainer and Lecturer with Bangkok School of Management presently.
If you wish to participate in this training programme, please contact Dr. Edward R. Krishnan at

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