Date: August 6th – 10th  Contract & Dispute Management

Date: August 6th – 10th

Contract & Dispute Management

Participants will learn how to:
1. Identify contract components and understand the process from start to finish
2. Select the right contract type for their project
3. Decipher contract legalese
4. Choose the offer that will result in the best value for the buyer
5. Agree on objectives, requirements, plans and specifications
6. Negotiate favorable terms and make revisions to the contract
7. Apply rules of contract interpretation in project disputes
8. Administer contracts appropriately, and know when and how to terminate before or upon completion

Programme Outline:
Module 1: Understanding the Contract Management Process
Module 2: Teamwork — Roles and Responsibilities
Module 3: Concepts and Principles of Contract Law
Module 4: Contracting Methods
Module 5: Developing Contract Pricing Agreements
Module 6: Pre-award Phase
Module 7: Award Phase
Module 8: Contract Administration

Mr. Anand has wide range of training experience in specialization fields such as Procurement and Logistics Management, including Contract Management, as well as Inventory Management. He is also an expert in Economics, Stock Market, Finance and Statistical Data Analysis. He is directly involved in effective procurement management as he has owns and runs a business that is pre-dominantly focused on effective procurement as its main business model. Mr. Anand brings both academic excellence and specialized industry expertise into training sessions and delivers the topics in highly engaging, interactive and practically relevant manner.
With a background in investment and business development, Mr Anand is a Trainer and Lecturer with Bangkok School of Management presently. He also is the founder and managing director at Dynasty Food Products Taling Chan, Bangkok, Thailand Food & Beverages, since October 2012.

If you wish to join this programm, please contact Dr.Edward Roy K: or call: +66(2)2569586