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What To Do Before Applying To College

When the word college comes to mind there are 2 things which run through your mind, usually along the lines of- “big investment” and “big commitment”, these thoughts should tell you plenty about the massive undertaking that going to university is. However, it’s not as simple as collecting money and sparing time, there’s a whole [...] Read More

A Promising Collaboration: Bangkok School of Management and National Kaohsing University, Taiwan

On the 4th of September Bangkok School of Management was visited by Dr. Derrick, the organizer of the significant MISNC, 2017, from the National Kaohsiung University, Taiwan– Mr. Derrick and Ms. Tina Yang, Deputy MD of BSM discussed future possibilities of a collaboration between the two modern and forward thinking schools. The National Kaohsiung University was the [...] Read More