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What Can You Do With an International Business Degree?

The International Business degree promises a high-so lifestyle, traveling to different countries, dealing with different nationalities, conducting business 24×7, all in all, a very attractive degree for most aspiring young entrepreneurs. However, with the current job market, and the world economy being at an all-time low, does an International Business degree warrant the hard work [...] Read More

4 Signs You’re a Born Marketer

Are you the kind of person who looks at an advertisement and think to yourself that you could probably do better? Designing to you is not just making a pretty design but the way you can communicate with people subconsciously. And lastly, you always feel like you can improve what you’re doing. If you feel [...] Read More

5 Signs that Finance is the Field for You

You’ve ended your last high-school summer vacation and are now heading to university, questions plague your mind about your future. Your parents obviously want the best for you, also, for some reason, it seems like your friends already have everything figured out, but what about you? The first question, (apart from which university you’ll be heading [...] Read More

Best Masters in Education Programmes in Thailand!

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” – John Dewey So you’re looking to become a teacher, not just a casual teacher but a full-fledged one, you’re committed, however, you’re lost as to where to start, where do you get the appropriate certifications to finally get accepted to the school of your [...] Read More

Why You Should Pursue Your MBA In Thailand

Often touted as paradise on earth, Thailand has long been viewed as the place to go if you want to party like never before, while true, Thailand not only holds the greatest spots to celebrate life but also offers high quality education, an almost well-kept secret! Of course, it also helps that Thailand is known as [...] Read More