What Can You Do With an International Business Degree?

What Can You Do With an International Business Degree?

The International Business degree promises a high-so lifestyle, traveling to different countries, dealing with different nationalities, conducting business 24×7, all in all, a very attractive degree for most aspiring young entrepreneurs. However, with the current job market, and the world economy being at an all-time low, does an International Business degree warrant the hard work and the payment? This article will hopefully plot a course for you on what exactly awaits you after you complete an International Business degree.

Supply Chain Manager

The Supply Chain is the spine of your business, a good supply chain guarantees your product always gets to where you want it to be when you want it to be and to the right target. Your job will focus on the beauty of the supply chain and how you as manager business can mold a supply chain to reach peak efficiency and the effects of an efficient supply chain on all aspects of the business. Logistics managers currently report a median yearly salary of $104,827, or $2,016 per week.

Management Consultant

To look at specifics, analyse and advise- your job as a management consultant is an exciting one. You will help companies hit peak performance. You will know all about the company by conducting an in-depth analysis of the company. Management consultants also act as superheroes, they can turn the fortunes of a company with some great advice. Proposals will have to be drafted and presented to top board members and stakeholders. Management analysts reap a median annual wage of $95,738, or $1,841 weekly.

Human Resource Manager

Since an International Business degree covers all bases, you’d be very well fit to qualify for the position of a Human Resource manager. You as an HR manager will work on hiring, attracting and retaining the top talent of your industry! Everything from conducting interviews, negotiation and setting up reasonable and still attractive packages for talents. An individual with an International Business management degree can pursue a career in HR by gaining a certified professional certificate! The median annual wage for human resources managers is $122,314, or $2,333 weekly.

International Banking

If you have an eye for finance then a career in International Banking after a degree in International Business may be the right choice for you. A local bank or an international bank, both of them are sure to have foreign accounts for you to work with! Or, you could specialize in securities and mortgages, establish training schedules for your staff and deliver great customer service. Banking managers claim a median salary of $130,081, or $2,502 per week.

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