What Can You Do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance? | Finance Major

What Can You Do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance? | Finance Major

Deadly, observant, adaptable, strategist, if any or all of these adjectives describe you, you are not only fit to be an assassin but also to complete a bachelor’s in finance. Often identified as one of the most difficult majors to tackle, it comes as no surprise that there is distinct lack of supply for graduates in the field of finance. So, it’s all been well and good so far, you’re a finance major student, there’s not many like you, companies are itching to hire you and the possibilities seem endless. But what can seem to be a blessing can actually be a curse, specifically, the curse of confusion. Fear not though, this article is here to clear the way as we detail what you can do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance!

  • Financial Analyst

An entry level position for someone straight out of university, a financial analyst is the individual who keeps track of money, either for an organization, or an individual. You as an analyst will be in charge of evaluating the financial situation and providing your client/organization with a detailed report on how the said situation can be improved upon. Conclusions for your analyses can be drawn upon via looking at the industry and economic trends, you will also want to forecast current trends and take those trends into account while drafting your solutions.


Prolific financial analysts are excellent critical thinkers, able to adapt and come up with a solution for any problem, as an analyst you will also need to have above average communication skills, as you will have to convey an extremely technical message in a way that even the common man can understand the gist of it.



  • Insurance Underwriter

If wallowing in the darkness and never stepping into the spotlight is your thing then you’re the perfect candidate for this job. An insurance underwriter is the man who makes the clock tick. Underwriting is the process of determining whether or not the insurance your company provides to a specific individual is going to be profitable at the very end of your client’s journey or not, also known as the risk of insuring. Wherein you examine each and every aspect of your client’s daily routine to sniff out potential risks, whether it be the car they’re driving, their general health or the area they live in, and finally offer them an appropriate premium which is not only satisfactory to them but also to your organization.

  • Asset Manager

Think of yourself as the right-hand man of a wealthy individual looking to keep themselves wealthy, as an asset manager you can go two routes, private asset manager, or work in the corporate world, looking to manage and help fulfill the potential investments of wealthy asset holders. You will manage a dedicated portfolio of investment, budgets, accounts, insurance, and taxes and will be in charge of growing this portfolio, diversifying and providing suggestions on how to achieve these goals.

And there you have it, 3 viable and high-paying career options for you, straight out of university, exciting opportunities full of career growth, overall advancement and hopefully a path to self-fulfillment?

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