Big data, machine learning and AI have become ubiquitous terms attracting widespread interest in the insurance industry with some citing it as the top disrupter with great impact on the insurance industry. While the insurance industry has always used historical data for business intelligence, big data marks the evolution from descriptive analytics to prescriptive analytics enabling insurance organisations to make decisions based on real-time data instead of historic data, experience, and gut feeling. This is crucial in times of fast change in behavior and in crisis like the current COVID-19. This programme covers a broad range of issues relating to big data and AI including the Big Data Landscape, the nature of Big Data, modelling concepts and developing a Data Analytics strategy.

Who Should Attend?

Mid and senior staff working in the insurance industry, such as managers of insurance companies who wish to learn about big data and AI opportunities and develop a suitable data analytics strategy as well as all who seek to understand the changes new technologies are bringing to the insurance industry.

What Will You Learn?
Module 1: Intro to Big Data and AI

  • The nature of Big Data
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Four Main Stages of Big Data Adoption

Module 2: Along the Value Chain: Examples of AI Solutions

  • Product Design and Pricing
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Client Management
  • Claims Management

Module 3: The Data-Driven Organization

  • Implementation Strategies
  • Organizational Structure
  • IT Infrastructure

Module 4: Overcoming challenges

  • Laws and Regulations
  • The Data-Driven Culture
  • Partnerships

BSM Certification is recognised nationally by Thailand Ministry of Education & Internationally accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC, U.K.).