Nitin Thapa, International Sales Executive And Event On Boarding Agent At EBCG (European Business Conferences Group)

Nitin Thapa, International Sales Executive And Event On Boarding Agent At EBCG (European Business Conferences Group)

This month we shine the spotlight onto Nitin Thapa, recent BSM graduate and now International Sales Executive and Event OnBoarding Agent at EBCG (European Business Conferences Group)– we take a trip down memory lane with him covering his time at Bangkok School of Management and what he is up to now.


As an International Sales Executive and Event OnBoarding Agent at EBCG (European Business Conferences Group), I have the opportunity to work with real leaders in B2B Conferences. Our portfolio includes Senior Executives, Managers and Decision Makers from top global companies attending our events. I am directly responsible for gaining industry contacts as well as communicating with the prospective clients, helping generate sales through lead generation, networking, and other outbound marketing techniques and screening potential business deals by analysing market strategies

You just graduated in Dec 2016 and have already been employed, can you share with us what convinced your employer to make the decision to hire you?

AI was working in a digital marketing company as Sales and Business Development Intern in Bangkok while I was doing my Final year of Northumbria University. In those few months, I was exposed to the corporate world, which gave me the opportunity to have a clear perspective on how things actually work on the corporate level. I had an opportunity to work with various international and experienced individuals who guided me throughout those few months, which made me confident and equipped me with right tools that I could use in any workplace. Also, the Degree from both BSM and Northumbria University added the plus point in securing my current employment at EBCG.

How is work going so far?

Work is fantastic! The change to a new workplace was made easy by an initial training period, which was great. Management and other advisors are a very friendly bunch with the Team Managers being very helpful. Each day I get to learn something new- both from the clients and from my peers. What I like about my work is that they are constantly trying to enhance our productivity by focusing on employee development.

The projects I’m currently working on are Cyber Central 2017 and Phoenix 2017(FinTech)- Fin Tech for Bankers – Bankers for Fin Tech.


Have you come across any challenges and difficulties in order to deliver your work and how did you overcome these difficulties?

Firstly, I had a problem figuring out how to be part of a new work culture and fitting in. Slowly I got to know my co-workers by working on team projects. This promoted a common interest, building trust, and allies. While I was studying at BSM with multicultural students and professors, I learned that always being respectful, friendly, and having a good attitude and good work habits show that you are a professional. Also, I experimented lots of self-assessment test to enhance my skills, which I had applied during my course assessment at BSM. These assessments helped me to better understand my work environment and to adapt quickly.

Looking back to your study at BSM, do you think the knowledge and skills you acquired are practical for workplace?

Studying at BSM provided me valuable insight to business topics both local and international.  The undergraduate program has allowed me to develop different professional skills. During our group projects, we used to work with various individual combining ideas and creating one common product, projects like these helped me to better understand about the importance of good team building, which I think is one of the most important factors that directly contribute to the success of any company. The skills and knowledge I gained from the classes have an immediate impact on my current job performance, enhancing my business views and problem-solving capabilities.

Do you have any suggestions for the students and parents who are looking for business schools?

Yes! I would like to say that BSM is truly a unique institution, not only characterised by academic excellence, but also by motivated students and engaging professors. The interactions in the classroom were great but I was also amazed at how connected I felt. The program is fantastic, the staff makes you feel welcome and professors at BSM are the best. My undergraduate degree has been a valuable asset to me and has paid for itself over and over again. I will always be thankful for everything that I gained by being associated with BSM. I would recommend students and parents to consider BSM for unique International blended education.

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