Ahmad Yahia, CEO of SIDCO Co., Ltd

Ahmad Yahia, CEO of SIDCO Co., Ltd

What business industry are you operating in?

I own an import and export business here in Bangkok, Thailand. The company is called Sidco Co., Ltd., it is a private company that was established in 1996 according to Thailand business regulations to work in Import & Export field. The company has experienced and operated in import-export business more than a decade and has a long experience in importing & exporting Auto spare parts.

How was SIDCO developed until now, especially during the past few years?

During the past few years, we have developed our business to produce a wide range of automotive parts to original manufacturer specifications covering the more popular makes of automobile, Trucks, and other standard vehicles. So now we do custom manufacturing of non-standard or speciality items and are able to produce to our clients the design they want with a sample or specifications. We have also expanded our business and opened a new line by starting importing into Thailand a food additive that it’s used for food industries it is called (Gum Arabic) and it is the superior emulsion former that has no substitute among synthetic. So we started marketing Gum Arabic throughout Asia and our company holds (FDA) Food and Drug Administration certificate of Thailand no 10-3-28353-1-0001.

How do you feel your study at BSM has helped the company's development?

My studies at BSM has helped me a lot in our company development in many ways, especially when we planned to open our new line of business I Knew that it wouldn’t be that easy to enter a new market and just grab some the market share from existing companies. Most important thing that helped me was learning not just for my product but generally that the value proposition (meaning that what brings the value to customers) has changed from a product centrality to a service centrality, meaning that it is not really about the product anymore. People are not thinking about the product anymore but they are more concerned about what they will get with the product, what value and what service. And I feel that learning all this knowledge has really made a tremendous impact on our marketing and marketing strategies and on how to be able to acquire customers and retain them.

How will you use the knowledge to further promote your business?

I’ve already started using the knowledge to even expand our business more and more and now we are establishing and opening a branch of our company in Vietnam. One thing that I’m going to use the knowledge that I learnt at BSM is online marketing, I had a very useful class on E-commerce and on how to integrate traditional marketing approaches with e-marketing. Another thing is marketing data analysis which basically a technique where we will take all the available information regarding the market and come up with a marketing plan and I think it’s a very vital piece of activity for any sort of business. Finally, I think that it is true that consumer behaviour is changing beyond recognition but studying at BSM will give you a chance to experiment with your approach to problem-solving and develop your management and interpersonal skills.

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