Transferring from another institution to Bangkok School of Management.

To transfer from another institution to Bangkok School of Management, follow the same application process as new students and provide the following additional documents:

  1. Course description or course syllabus for the all courses you wish to transfer to BSM
  2. Transcript from both your
    a.) previous institution, and
    b.) high school institution or equivalent

Transferring credits from a study abroad to Bangkok School of Management.

If you plan to do a study abroad while at BSM, the following procedures need to be completed PRIOR to departure.

  1. Connect with your study abroad institution to discuss how the study abroad application process will work.
  2. Evaluate the courses you have left to complete at BSM. You are responsible to review your study abroad institution’s booklet to find similar courses. Once you have selected the courses you would like to take, obtain either a course description or syllabus from the institution to provide to BSM’s Head of Academics.
  3. The Head of Academics will evaluate your course selection. Approval of courses must be made PRIOR to course commencement.
  4. Once your courses are approved, you are responsible for coordinating other details of your study abroad such as food and accommodation with your institution. Payments are to be made directly to the institution, unless they have an exchange agreement with Bangkok School of Management.
  5. After you have completed your study abroad, request your transcript from the Registrar Office to be mailed to Bangkok School of Management.