A Promising Collaboration: Bangkok School of Management and National Kaohsing University, Taiwan

On the 4th of September Bangkok School of Management was visited by Dr. Derrick, the organizer of the significant MISNC, 2017, from the National Kaohsiung University, Taiwan– Mr. Derrick and Ms. Tina Yang, Deputy MD of BSM discussed future possibilities of a collaboration between the two modern and forward thinking schools.

The National Kaohsiung University was the only university founded in this millennia in Taiwan and is built upon the same pillars of integrity, determination, and goodwill as BSM. Over the past few months, Bangkok School of Management has hosted a few students from Kaohsiung University on an internship-cum-study abroad programme and the results have been extremely promising. The students learn valuable knowledge about a real work environment and we at BSM are more than happy to play the part of the mentor!

The meeting between the two executives expanded upon Bangkok School of Management’s International Programmes, such as the Undergraduate Degree offered by Northumbria University (whom we act as an official learning support center for) and the variety of Graduate and Doctorate degrees BSM offers. Further discussions on collaborations such as student exchange programmes between both universities, internship opportunities and a chance to work together on organizing more events and conferences were also talked upon.

The students of Kaohsing University also sat in an Entrepreneurship class at BSM- feedback was highly positive and Dr Derrick and his students were particularly impressed by the approach BSM employs during teaching, with a more practical view-point and a discussion oriented class, quite different from the theory based approach back in Taiwan!

When working together with a relatively modern university one must come to expect of radical and out-of-box ideas which not only enhances the image and creativity of the university but also entertains and brings something new to the landscape of education, something which can add-value while positively impacting the students, who are our hope for the future. BSM is ready and accepting of any collaborative opportunity for the betterment of education as a whole, we are always ready to “Inspire Excellence”!

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