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waterloo road characters teachers

She's bright and works hard. Grantly is Head of Karen Rachel Jack Michael Vaughan. However, former Deputy Head, Andrew Treneman inspired an interest in palaeontology on a school trip to the museum and now she is determined to work hard and make something of herself. He the starts to ask the students and staff about her whereabouts, and when he gets no response he tries again to go into the school and get her. At the end of the episode Rachel and Eddie watched Stuart drive away. They have another child, Bex Fisher who is introduced later in the series. Against Tom's wishes, Chlo marries Donte but it's not long before she's questioning her decision to marry him. Adanna Kim. In Episode 16 of Waterloo Road, Eddie was seen handing in his resignation to Rachel, after discovering she used to be a prostitute. Once the gas cylinders have exploded he goes to find Rachel and ensures she is ok before helping Rachel clear the school. and cocky little madam who trots about the school like lady One of her first acts in office was to diffuse an ongoing situation between two recently split couples; Donte and Chlo Charles, and Brett Aspinall and Mika Grainger.She has a dark past, that is partially revealed at the end of Series 3 Episode 10 (through a newspaper clipping about a vice crackdown), that she is desperate to keep a secret from the students and staff. Eventually, after a whopping 200 episodes, the doors to Waterloo Road finally slammed shut for good. It was later discovered that the Aleesha wrote the entire petition her self, and may have deliberately made it misleading.Later on, Danielle began to regret having played a part in the petition. It is later established that this could have been avoided if she had taken he pills, but Steph denied all responsibilities. to handball any of his responsibilities on to others, in particular new On her first day, Grantly bets Tom ten quid that she'll be gone by the lunchtime. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. cool fellow student Donte, much to her mum's dislike. Maxine has returned to school and is making progress although she's easily led astray by Janeece and her part-time boyfriend Lewis Seddon. The only problem she has now is accepting Davina Shackleton as Tom's girlfriend, as she once had a one night stand with Brett as well as, perhaps out of respect for her mum. Vote for the British TV comedy duo that tickles your funny-bone the most! They were eventually reciprocated, and the two of them officially became a couple, in spite of Jack Rimmer's attempt to get Davina to come with him to Dubai. But their More often than not he doesn't bother coming to lessons, preferring to roam the corridors, spraying his graffiti 'tag' on the walls. He was also Executive Head of three other schools in the area. Now Tom has to contend with Chlo's marriage to Donte Charles, and his issues with boss Jack Rimmer who he blames for Izzie's death. Eddie has also stopped a possible battle between Jasmine and Tom Clarkson. She has high aspirations for her daughter - a university education and a well paid career - and this made her the ideal candidate to be poached from her previous school for Jack's bursary scheme. Named after the town of his conception (in the back of a transit van), Bolton is a thorn in the side of the teachers. Eddie then persuaded Rachel to lure Hordley to the school. She goes to check on him but her day goes from bad to worse when an explosion (caused by Staurt's disguarded cigerette) in the canteen rips through the school. After he went to Rachel's office and asked Rachel out for a drink, to which she agreed. Colin Scott (Chris Finch, series 3), Matt's partner. Find out with this psychology quiz. At the end of the episode a nervous Rachel is sat behind her desk.In Episode 17 Rachel had to deal with Mika Grainger and Brett Aspinall and their eco-friends. Eddie was with her when she rang the council, but it transpired she had just called a takeaway and faked the phone call. An unlikely source, Lewis Seddon befriends Karla when he finds her behind the sheds, and is able to talk her into returning to class, although he initially referred to her as the "Asparagus kid".Karla was also the first pupil to talk to Ben McNulty after news his HIV reached everyone at school, and expressed a greater understanding than the rest of the students. After that Eddie told Rachel, that they would face everything together and that he was proud of her. Kevin Chalk (adopted) Daniel Chalk (né Gareth Dindsdale ) was a maths teacher and the adoptive father of Kevin Chalk . He wants to be able to stand and cut hair again, Wilko stores to remain open during the second lockdown, Wilko shoppers will be able to shop the retailer's non-food essentials in the next national lockdown. They agreed to find another way to get Hordley of Rachel's back and agreed to do it together. He looks in the top drawer of Rachel's desk. Eddie then went to see Hordley and told him to cut of contact with Rachel or he would expose him as a blackmailer. Head of Guidance at Waterloo Road – Kim is relentlessly optimistic that people can be taught to change for the better. English and a slightly scruffy, tired teacher. The three (Karla especially) were very disappointed, but were unable to convince the teachers to reconsider the situation. Bolton isn't a violent kid - violence takes too much energy - but he's a smart alec pain in the neck. HEAD OF PASTROL CARE. Stuart apologises for blackmailing Rachel and says that he will give her all the evidence that Tess has about her past as Amanda Fenshaw and the ones of her as Rachel Mason.In Episode 15 Stuart gives Rachel the evidence that Tess had, but before she can hide it Eddie walks in, he spots where she has put the envelope. Wayne Johnson (Rob Haythorne, series 7), Michael's attacker. Deputy Andrew. In the end Maxine admits to Janeece that the baby was in fact hers, and it was stillborn. Bolton also saved the lives of Davina Shackleton and several other students during the Series 3 finale when the school caught alight, Janeece is a loudmouth. Deputy Head Jack assumed the role of acting head after Mr. Vaisey's departure, later getting appointed as the headteacher proper. Grace Campbell (Meaghan McPherson-Gowe, series 4), Kim's illegally adopted baby daughter. She faced further dismay as she and her mates, Karla and Aleesha, watched the school go up in flames. The three students united to help her recover.Although a lot more sensible than her two friends, she has tended to give Danielle and Aleesha a free reign to continue being as minxy as they were before they met her, as she isn't the type to be judgemental or impulsive.

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