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tbi to efi conversion kits

Taking what we’ve got here, a good thing, and showing how, in baby steps, we can make it better. When wiring the IAT/MAT sensor, it’s internally the same type of sensor as a CLT so the wiring polarity doesn’t matter, wire one side to the MAT terminal on the Relay Board, and the other side to the MAT Ret terminal on the relay board. Smell for fuel. It’s easy to install and will help you achieve better... EZ-EFI Fuel Master Kit with Inline Fuel Pump Kit by Fast®. MegaSquirt Carb to EFI Conversion – Part 1: TBI Fuel Only, Note the above wiring diagram shows one difference from how I wired things up– this shows how to use a 2-wire narrowband o2 sensor. On our test car there is an obstruction that does not allow adequate flow in this line and it does not make a suitable return line. Copyright © 2003-2020 All kits are now upgraded to a heated O2 sensor to achieve faster closed loop operation. After this taking control of ignition isn’t that hard either and will continue the EMS (Engine Management System) learning process and the rewards of using an EMS. Tune it right. I’ve given you the details on the install above, here’s exactly what I did to fire it up: Without getting into a ton of detail in this article, yes your EMS will need to be tuned now. At this point, everything is in place that is needed to fire the engine up. Or fabricating your own. Cost me $33-34 total. Cheap and easy, though sacrifices appearance a bit. Full featured code still under heavy development to add even more features and improve the current featureset. Next I installed a small ‘pre pump’ fuel filter just at the outlet of the tank. This is the route I ended up choosing. Mosley Motors provides parts and services for FJ40, FJ60, FJ80, FZJ80, UZJ 100 Toyota Land Cruisers. I chose very visible spots for both boxes, you can be more stealthy of course though I had no reason to be ;). Until then I want to leave this factor in place for consistency. EFI to Carburetor Conversion Kits Choosing the best intake manifold for your Chevy/GM, Ford or Chrysler is easy with the great selection at JEGS. So now the IAT just screws into the bottom of the otherwise stock looking carb-style air cleaner. Manufactured using the highest grade materials and the latest technology, they... Analog Input Harness by Fast®. Again, if you choose black for one of the wires, it just makes sense to use that on the return side. is part of the Hoffmann Innovations Network. In the middle of this project I had the opportunity to get a new dyno, a much bigger dyno that can handle about 3x the horsepower of the dyno I had been using. Found where I could center it so that I would still be able to spin the nuts when it was in place. Search for: Search. This is a highly desirable upgrade for fans of off road operation who know well the advantages of fuel injection over carburetion. MPFI will certainly help but if this nasty casting is playing a large role that will still get in the way some. MS2 Extra Manual – This is the latest ‘greatest’ firmware on the newest hardware. I key’d the power on to the ECU and could hear the fuel pump prime for 2 seconds and then shut off. I could have either cut them shorter, or used washers, so I sortof used washers. Part1: GM TBI Fuel Only. Enter Howell EFI who has come to the rescue with a turnkey (literally) throttle body fuel injection conversion kit that upgrades the engine system of the F/2F engines replacing the troublesome carburetion system with electronic fuel injection. Search for: Search. Here are a couple of ideas for installing an IAT sensor in a GM TBI system: First option> In the stock GM TBI collar with the stock GM TBI Air cleaner/snorkel. After the car is fired up I’ll check for leaks again. Get the latest news on our products, see who's winning with MegaSquirt & more! Make your vehicle faster and more powerful with premium-quality performance fuel system parts stocked on our website. For fans of the classic ’55-’87* Toyota Land Cruiser, replacing the troublesome carburetion system with state of the art electronic fuel injection required a custom build that could end with questionable results. I first determined where I wanted to place the pump based on easy inlet and outlet as well as mounting considerations, and then I marked the stock hardline to cut a section out of it where I’d be patching the fuel pump in. The pics below show me holding the throttle wide open with the cable in the WOT position as well, I then measured the difference in the hookup versus hole alignment and made a spacer to move it back that far. Center punched that spot, drilled it out, and threaded the elbow in place using a bit of gasket maker to seal it up (just a tiny bit). Connect to your MegaSquirt ECU with the tuning software. Reassemble the tank, attach your lines including your new return line, clamp it down, and hang your tank back on your car. Though installing a dedicated wideband in the car is optional, it’s highly recommended. (Yes this is important.) Anodized a stealthy black and developed specifically for sequentially injected applications, they're equally effective with crank trigger & TBI systems. I did this by connecting it together with the Main power input to the 70A Relay as can be seen in the above picture of the relay. Or you can do what we did and simply drill a hole and thread in a barb elbow. I similarly didn’t have quite enough clearance for a 3″ tall round carb-style cleaner. Best of all, each harness kit is backed by a money back guarantee so you know it’s a quality parts that will deliver years of service. Manufactured using the highest grade materials and the... EFI Single Nozzle Nitrous Systems by Nitrous Express®. Make sure to point the barbed nipple in the direction you want your fuel return to come from taking into account obstructions when the tank is remounts (probably safe to follow the other lines), leave room for a clamp on the hose, and make sure you can get the locking ring back on to seal your tank back up. Check out your tank and how much space you have to add a new return line, it doesn’t take much. The final connection is the permanent 12v connection, this should go straight to the battery 12v post just on the ‘protected’ side of that 60A MAXI fuse. We recommend and sell the Innovate Motorsports LC-1, it’s affordable, easy to install if you can follow a few simple directions, easy to calibrate, and does a great job. to stay up-to-date on our promotions, discounts, sales, special offers and more. With the power on and engine off it will just take a reading while off throttle (while off the throttle you click a button on your PC), and then take a reading at full throttle (while at full throttle you click a button on your PC). Make your vehicle faster and more powerful with premium-quality performance fuel system parts stocked on their website. Check your o-rings and if they’re in bad shape then replace them (parts store), mine weren’t perfect but were holding together, and they’ve been fine though I may grab some replacements next time I visit the parts store. What this means to this test is the dyno graphs I’ve got from the old dyno will not directly compare to this new dyno as it will read differently, they all do. HP/TQ fell way off from about 4000rpm all the way to redline. Inline fuel pumps are easier to install than in-tank fuel pumps because the fuel tank does not have to be removed. If a sensor is completely disconnected it will typically read -40*F. Make sure the throttle opens and closes with your application of the pedal. *intake manifold adapter fits 1/1975 and later manifolds. Make sure the IAT and CLT readings look fairly accurate given the ambient temperatures. Next, wire up the injectors. Next I wired up the tach signal to Relay board from the distributor’s ‘TACH’ terminal. It’s not going to be perfect for your car, but if your car is very similar to this test car it might be a good foundation. The last option, removing the collar from the TBI and sitting an air cleaner all the way down on the TBI looks fairly carb-like stock, and around town, under 4000rpm will perform very good, but above 4000rpm it’s going to hinder performance significantly. IMO well worth solving the hood clearance issues unless you like the idea of installing a cowl hood or cutting a hole for a scoop. Very clean appearance, hides the TBI system well, breathes fairly good but not as good as putting one of the other two cleaners (below) on top of the collar. Or you can take it to a pro. You ALWAYS want to ground your wideband (and any analog wideband gauge) at the same point as your ECU to prevent what’s known as a ground offset which can effect the accuracy of your readings. Make your vehicle faster and more powerful with premium-quality performance fuel system parts stocked on their website. (includes brackets, terminals, and barbed fittings, MegaSquirt Carb to EFI Conversion: One Step at a Time, Road/ Track Tuning your MegaSquirt Engine Management System, we ended up using some AN fittings like these, Innovate MotorSports LC-2 Wideband O2 Sensor, MegaSquirt Carb to EFI Conversion: RMR EFI, Twin Turbocharging our Nova: One Step at a Time Part1: Main Turbo Conversion, MegaSquirt Carb to EFI Conversion – Part 2: Ignition Control, Carb to EFI: Other ignition control alternatives, MegaSquirt Carb to EFI Conversion: Part 3: MPFI Conversion.

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