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russian tortoise age chart

Also watch closely for digging and escapes; it's generally best that you have chicken wire or hardware cloth 6-10 inches in the ground along the edges of the outdoor enclosure. Determining the sex (male or female) of Russian tortoises is fairly straightforward, based on the shape of their tail. I hope this helps you answer my question better. They break down to sugars. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You want to stick with weeds, grasses, and greens. Dry versus liquid would cause a greater weight difference than volume. Tortoises like to explore. noun; It'll dry before the next week, but that'll be ok. They are very smart and can escape if not housed properly while outside. You want to make sure that you have the enclosure already set up and your veggies and supplements ready. He tries to take Rhino out for only about 15 minutes because my son gets bored and he says he is too hot (85 degrees). I'd suggest just pouring a pan of water in the enclosure once a week and mixing it up. You can either purchase a plastic storage bin or a glass aquarium; if you use a storage bin, you'll want to leave the lid off for proper ventilation. I didn't realize the complexity of having a tortoise. Just keep an eye on the temperatures, as the outdoor temps are lowering. ok i figured as much but was not sure. Then the amazing rescue of a little malnourished, neglected tort. I would say the lowest it gets where we are is high 30's. In or to safely put a tortoise in an aquarium, you'll want to put something on the glass so that the tort cannot see through to the other side. Gardens and nurseries use fertilizer in the plants, and you don't want the tort consuming a plant that has fertilizer in the veins (literally). And, make sure the enclosure is a bare minimum of a 50 gallon tote. It's much easier to buy seeds and grow your own. i have not seen the bugs since the substrate dried out.I have really excellent vision. i got a sweet deal on a 165 gallon aquarium so i got it i already wraped a material around it so she cant see out and i have not moved her into the new tank yet. Well jasper has been hideing out in her burrow since tuesday. Since there seems to be a trend, I decided to start a blog about my tortoises' stories, and my blossoming tortaddiction. Also, make sure to use the spring mix as your base diet, adding other greens as variation. They're not going to be the most active to begin with though, so don't expect her to run around all day or anything. I'd try to reduce the raddachio until she starts eating other greens. Then I rescued a redfoot tortoise. alright i have a question what are these little white things i keep finding in my tortoise's water bowl are very very tiny and i don't see them anywhere else in the enclosure. You can easily set up an enclosure outside and build a lid to it, which is ideal to prevent predators from getting the tortoise. The other 4 months it will be either below the suggested temps or over 100 degrees....so my question is won't he just go into natural hibernation in the cooler months and in the hotter months should I bring him in the house to a tub and give him an hour or so of outside exposure during the day? In most cases, the only way to really get a baby is to buy from a breeder, and there aren't many who offer babies. Why not to keep 2 tortoises together - a lesson learned the hard way. SteveoMc from Pacific NorthWest on May 15, 2010: Wow! My RT Boris is 3 months old and weights 0.475 grams, I would like to know where I can get a graph that shows what his weight should be and should not be based on his age. It sounds like you've got everything researched. We picked him up at a local Petco store. I've had him, Borris, for about a month now and he's literally running. I've seen white worm like larvae in dirty water bowls and water crystals that haven't been properly cared for (left with insects who poo on them without throwing out the dirty crystals regularly, just adding to). Great post Whitney! Its hard to find good info on tortoises. As long as your temperatures are good and she is eating and drinking, just let her get adjusted and she'll come around. A few months after that, two sweet old-man-torts (also Russians) came into my care. Thank you for such detailed information! I love our Russian Tortoise and he is definitely our longest-living pet :). but if she does not come on tuesday or wednesday should i be worried? Step1: Put a ruler up against a wall. they look like little white microscopic worms but they are smaller than any thing i have seen b4 any recommendations as to what kind of habitat cleaner would be strong enough to kill these things and not hurt my tortoise?? i can get both at my local pet shop but the cuttle bone is cheaper. She'll come out when she's ready to. Find a Reputable Breeder and Prep Your Home . Mine are most active when outside bc there's more to explore. It's much cheaper to purchase one 40 pound bag of natural topsoil versus say 5 blocks of bed a beast. Playsand can be purchased at a home department store like lowes for about $5 for 50 pounds or so. During the day, you want to have the temperature on the hot side of the enclosure around 90-95F and the cool side around 70F. Common Health Problems with Russian Tortoises. If you bought it at a pet store, there is a good chance the sales clerk told you some nonsense about the tortoise being a baby and whatever sex they happen to think it is based on who knows what. You can send it to biochemnerd(at)yahoo.comAlso, just as a heads-up, I wouldn't recommend housing 2 tortoises of either combination together. It's not a healthy diet, if that's the only thing she's really eating. Tortoise size chart. This little Marginated tortoise looks female, A young male's tail with the slit-shaped cloaca (vent). We actually had someone drop him off in our rocks in the front yard this morning.....either that or he was wild and just wandered up. Make sure that when outside there's some sort of lid to prevent birds and predators from trying to get your tort. Ok up to a week but the thing is she has not come out of her hide for over 50 hours now not for basking drinking or to search for food. Yet if you count the growth rings, there are 18 of them.[hr]. Also, although there's still not much data, and although the sizes vary greatly by tortoise age, if you take a look at the charts in my collection, the growth rate of each tortoise does not change much over time. :), Man oh man I know I'm a,lil late to the HUGE drawn out lighting discussion above....some people just make you wonder about over doing something as simple but yet dangerous as uvb....and in the past couple years there has been some extensive research done on all uv bulbs from contact fluorescents and tubes to mercury vapor bulbs in relation to certain sickness that was affecting many keepers animals that required uvb from eye problems to appetite to lethargy and most were found to have been producing dangerous amounts of uvb both beneficial and harmful spectrums and even the different light fixture shapes and sizes caused different high concentration points from different distances but now all have been reformulated and I know at least the zoo med products are supposed to come with a lighting guide for distance and application....just as with us humans too much of a good or healthy thing can most definitely turn bad or worse. Well done Whitney full of useful info. GTT, I know you are mainly talking about wild ones, BUT, many of the so-called "wild caught" ones that are imported here are "farm" raised over there, or in various parts of the world. Whitney (author) from Georgia on March 10, 2010: The commercial pellets aren't needed if you can provide a varied diet of leafy greens, grasses, and weeds. BTW, this site is very helpful and informative - thanks! Russian tortoises reach a maximum length of 8 to 10 inches. Thanks for the description and the easy to follow guidelines. His name is Yuri. i just got a russian tortoise today at petsmart and im wondering if its a good idea to process or mash up the food i feed her.. the guy at petsmart said that's what she's used to and so far she hasn't wanted to eat anything so im wondering if its because its not mashed.. also i live in the mountains and i can't let her live outside or something will happen to her so i have her in a 20 gallon tank right now cause she's still a baby.. if i let her out for a long time at least once a day is that ok for her to live in? You don't want to use newspapers, rabbit pellets, care fresh bedding, or alfalfa hay. The width of the enclosure should be 5 times the width of the tort. It should equal about the same, though. For now, ensure that the bleeding has stopped, and keep it clean. I have a russian male tortoise thats about 4 inches long from front of shell to the bottom of the shell. Also benefit from a Russian tortoise commercial diet, but should be no more than 25% of the diet. We have a season of those and they drop a lot of rain but usually don't last very long. Just try to relax. Or purchase coconut coir blocks (hydrate with water), and mix the substrate with fine grain playsand at a 50/50 ratio. Next came a little mystery tort who turns out to be an Antakyn Greek tortoise. Without this particular type of thermometer, your tortoise may not be getting accurate temperatures, which can lead to health concerns. thanks again you have been a huge help. Become a supporting member today! We know all of our neighbors and live in a pretty tight knit neighborhood and I haven't heard anything. ok got it i lined my enclosure i have about 5 inches worth of bedding i took your advice i cut an old flower pot in half to make a temperary hideing place and the rest of my supplies will be here tomorrow. Where did you get the tortoise? He's going to bug his pet to death! click on the photo to view it full size. Whitney (author) from Georgia on November 17, 2009: I'd say just leave her be. i just adopted a russian tortoise from a friend. Whitney (author) from Georgia on April 09, 2010: They can travel a good ways. So based on counting rings (lines) on abdominal scutes how old is the tortoise in the photo below (I already know how old he is)? The growth of a tortoise isn’t connected to its age. Since the OP stated that his Russian tortoise is only about 4 inches long, odds are that it is quite a bit younger than 15, so this method would be probably useful in more closely pinpointing its exact age. That is good. How to trim a tortoise's beak - with pictures! We just brought home our Russian Tortoise yesterday, March 9. Note, however, this does not mean that there is always one ring per year. Whitney (author) from Georgia on August 04, 2010: Cool, know i know what to get for my Russian Tortoise, Spongy! Whitney (author) from Georgia on November 23, 2009: steve, just relax. Woah, now that is one heck of a male tortoise tail. ok will do. It'll definitely help out. lessthansign3 from Minneapolis on December 14, 2010: These guys are so cute! We live in Arizona and I think the temps will be fine outside 8 months out of the year.

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